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Secure Password How-To
« on: July 29, 2009, 07:02:46 pm »
Brief Secure password how-to

In order to create a secure password it need to be 8 or more characters and not contain any dictionary words.  It should be a mixture of   upper and lower case and alpha and numeric characters.

The easiest way to remember it is using a pass-phrase and imagine the numeric characters as letters.

"i like beekeeping"

The "3" looks like a "e"  The "1" like an "i"  the "7" looks like a "y" the "9" looks like a "g", etc

"food for people"

"my dog likes worms"

The easiest passwords to crack are nicknames, middle names, spouses birthdays, sports teams, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and then dictionary words. 

It is not really difficult to create a secure password.   Then you will not be such an easy mark.
Practice your password, but don't write it down.  The difference between cracking a dictionary password and a secure password is 4 minutes VS  10 days.

If you want be be really secure, change your passwords every couple of months, and create variations such as:

The example "food for people" password
ff0oDd4p33ple instead of  f00D4930pLe

I believe that it is our responsibly to protect personal privacy and help others to protect their own security.   It should be a felony for any individual, corporation, agency, or government entity to allow access or failure to maintain the security (either through negligence or intent) of  personal information of individuals.   Some of the incidents regarding the past several administrations of executive branch of the USA  IMO they should be tried as treason.

One of my hobbies is computer forensics

I practice on old discarded computers, including "securely wiped" harddrives on military surplus computers.

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