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Author Topic: American Idol Shame  (Read 2495 times)

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American Idol Shame
« on: May 22, 2009, 10:25:34 am »
Here I am watching American Idol, all season knowing that no one could touch Adam who is a Steve Perry/Tyler type wonderfully entertaining and powerful singer, and then their is Kris - the cute STRAIGHT GUY that every 9 thru 14 year old feel in drooly love with.

I heard that the week before the finally that out of 88 million votes, less than a million separated Kris from Adam, Danny wasn't even mentioned in the mix.

This was the first year I ever voted and voted I did, over 50 times for Danny to stay over Kris and the final week for Adam to win - obviously the best talent, maybe the best talent EVER on the show, at least MALE wise.

But on the last vote night, I could imagine a few million pre-pubesent girls under the covers, long after bedtime - text messaging Kris's number hundreds of times each. It was indeed a popularity contest and not a talent contest at the end.

It will be obvios that Adam will FAR SUCCEED Kris as far as stardom goes, I agree with the Judges, Adam is a Rock God!

What bothered me, and frankly when I was calling I didn't pay attention to the recording you'd hear when the vote went through - but many many people came through and said that they had called for Adam (contestant #1.3.5) but when they listened to the recording, it said "Thank you for vting for contestant #2" which of course was Kris.

Between the teeny bopper votes and alledged screwups, I think Adam was royally ripped off.

It was just a pleasure though to see this man play with Queen and Kiss, it had to be the crowning point in his life - Adam had a definite theatrical look, even an Elvis quality about himself - he will go far, I'm talking record setting collaborations, etc. For that I think he will prove who the real American Idol was.

I only wish they would use technology to LOCKOUT everyone who has already called in a vote that night - one vote one person and then we'd know what the masses really thought. Kris could sing, or he wouldn't be there, but losing Danny was shocking enough and then to see the realism kick in when I hear how close Adam and Kris were in the tally.

The one point I will always respect is they BOTH were thought of as the most humble, timid and respectfully finalists ever, but Adam even won the stragy of the game, he knew what weeks were coming, had his songs picked when ever possible and chose good songs when the choice was slim. Great player, but someone has to finish second - I just never say the preteen factor coming: I just hope they carry such enthusiasm when they are old enough to vote for President, if they do - politics may be very different.
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Re: American Idol Shame
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2009, 10:54:35 am »
I don't watch the show John but I did see what you were talking about on the news. IMHO the guy who finished 2nd will get the better record deal and probably go on to bigger stardom. I think it was a few seasons back the 2nd place guy ended up doing better( think it was the big black guy I can't remember his name, maybe Ruben won but now where is he but clay Aiken is still around)
Until you lock out the multiple voters you will have this problem you said it yourself you voted 50 times, that's nothing compared to the thousands by some braces wearing freckle face tween. If they want an accurate vote the first step would be one vote per person


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Re: American Idol Shame
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2009, 11:14:03 am »
Adam by far had the best vocal control and talent, but he needs to tone down the screaming in his songs.  It's cool every once in a while, but every single song several times?  The ears just can't take it.

Mad World was his best song (the first time) and his peak, imo.  Kris deserved to win.  We'll hear from Adam again, no doubt.  The guy needs a producer.

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Re: American Idol Shame
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2009, 02:05:09 pm »
I don't watch tv so did not follow the show but I do agree that you should only be able to vote once.
Its not a real contest based on talent, its a popularaity thing,the way its set up when you can vote multiple times. It is not a true representation of voters.
The runner up always ends up being the famous one anyway from what I have seen.
I believe the girl who won the first contest is the only one still singing anywhere outside of gymnasiums.

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Re: American Idol Shame
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2009, 04:18:23 pm »

I believe the girl who won the first contest is the only one still singing anywhere outside of gymnasiums.

Thats funny :lau: :lau: