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Author Topic: Searching 4 short (1 pg) article on ccd/etc to print out & give to exterminators  (Read 2527 times)

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I mail out a flyer to exterminators, property management companies, real estate folks, etc every year with bee removal service info.
(let's just say that in this area swarms aren't exactly all over the place)

I would like to inclde a copy of a short & sweet article that is factually correct but also possibly "scary" or convincing enough to make joe redneck (no offense intended, I myself am 1/2 redneck) want to reconsider spraying a swarm or an established colony.  I think it might actually get read if it was from an outside news type source, rather than some info sheet I put together.

It could be on ccd, disease, or even general honeybee information (such as how important pollination is to humans)

Can anyone in their bookmarks or memory think of the perfect article for the job?