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Author Topic: REMEMBER: Tiger Woods 2006 GOLF multiplayer?  (Read 6092 times)

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REMEMBER: Tiger Woods 2006 GOLF multiplayer?
« on: December 30, 2008, 05:23:29 am »
I mentioned a few times that I have connected through HDMI CABLES my really nice laptop to my 47 inch HDTV and now do all my Internet Surfing, Internet movie watching, and of course all my TV on the big screen.

Last wee I connected my Classic (price this one at Ebay - Papayrus/Sierra Nascar Racing Season 2003) the GREATEST racing Game EVER for Nascar fans. I raced local against PC players and also online in a small race of 50 laps at Night Time Talladega with over 30 other real people from around the globe. It was amazing to see the details on the HDTV, the sound, feeling the forced feedback wheel and all in the full confort of my chair and a half wide couch in the comfort of my living room.

Well... To those who participated regularly, we played Tiger Woods Gold for the PC using the 2006 version - still around for under $10 in the game bin at your local Wal-Marts, etc..

In that game, you and up to three others chat in live voice using Ventrilo as each takes turn golfing the dozen or so course that come with the game. Friends around the Country and world gaming was a standard a year ago, but we have dwindled down to playing online free poker.

But early yesterday, I broke out the Tiger Woods Game and it BLEW ME AWAY with clairity, colors 3D efects, fly-overs and the perfect player interface - something the new Wii and other platforms do NOT simulate well.

I know we started having LAN IP CONNECTION ISSUES out of no where, we just never really worked hard to correct the issues and eventually TG06 faded away. I really hope we can get back to playing it again as we did. It is a winner, nearly the perfect game - no disorienting running around like first-person shooters, it is a relaxed and visually pure eye-candy to those on the course in high-res mode.

I'm playing alone on the course the last few days to practice my game and I'm enjoying this game from our resent past. I don't know if we will all have Wiis to interact with, but the Wii's version of Tiger Woods 09 receives very poor reviews in the use of the controller during the short game and especially putting. Players who are shooting -10 to -15 a round in the PC game versions are frustrated with shooting in the 90s, something that is unheard of in virtual golf - they are on the greens in regulation and then 5 put because the controller poorly mimmics the movement of your swings.

The issue boils down to you need to literally bring your club back BEYOND parellel with the ground and swing hard, following through JUST to SINK A 10 FOOT PUTT - that is rediculous and I could never put money in a system that arms you with such poorly calibrated tools.

I'm hoping to revive our PC 2006 version, we all have the software, we've used it for hundreds of games and the one thing we never looked into was that there are FREE 600+ courses available on-line to download and play, from local pitch and putts to the most prestigious links on Earth. Let's work and figure out the bugs, many of which I believe are PORT ISSUES and get back to the links, as well as spending time on the poker table. Having Choice is wonderful and either game we have lots of fun. Dust off your disk, pop it in and lets fire up an 18 round foursome, cause playing by myself is fun, playing with computer players is okay, but having my friends to bust chops with is priceless.

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Re: REMEMBER: Tiger Woods 2006 GOLF multiplayer?
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2008, 03:46:35 pm »
Oh Tiger where are you? We really do need to put our game face on!!