Building a better honeybee



Here goes man playing God again, I wish they would perfect playing MAN first.

I remember reading that honeybees were found trapped in amber which were thought to be 200 million years old and NO OBVIOUS Phsyical changes had occured - this tells me that they are about as good as they can be, or they would have evolved (forgive my belief that things do evolve) but they hadn't.

So we are going to make a better honeybee - just like we were going to reduce fruit flies and ended up introducing varroa into the feral honeybee population and we all know were THAT ended up.

Man: please leave our world alone, let God or evolution (a product of God, I believe) do the tweaking of our planet's creatures, because frankly speaking - you screw up EVERYTHING you touch.

Horns Pure Honey:
It would be nice to have a super bee but I would be afraid it will just turn out like the africanized bees, bye


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