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Author Topic: Europe bees are massively dying  (Read 1556 times)

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Europe bees are massively dying
« on: May 29, 2008, 07:08:14 am »
So...i don't have that many articles or anything, but i just don't know where to start the topic so...
if anyone has been reading any Europes articles or something you know Europe has lost close to 50% of all bees this spring!! Germany, France don't know about other countries but on the list you will of course find slovenia as well
dies offs accured across the country everywhere where there was canola or where corn was being seeded.
there are two most probable theoryes:
1. Corn is treated with poncho-gaucho or the other one-can't remember the name, when they seed the corn a lot of the pesticide is realesed into air via vibration+wind. this pesticide lands onto flowers and everything and is very, very toxic to bees.
2. Canola was sprayed against the bug that eats flowers so basicly, the pesticid is absorbed by the plant making the whole plant toxic. now...if the bug eats pollen guess which other bugs eat pollen as well?

3.: the mixture of both but in both cases poncho gaucho and fluviant

so..investigations are under way BUT!!! since our government approved the use of these pesticide who is it to blame? farmers? no, they did what they were allowed to do. beekeepers? of course not.
so currently, investigations are NOT underway, falsifying information and results is, what is under way. government has gone so far...they're blaming beeks for using unregistered pesticides against varoa which is..stupid, they..they tried to blame american foul brood for mass die offs...anyway...again we can see how our government is avoiding responcibilities and using media for their propaganda... there is a saying..."putin's russia" well it's the same here...i at least hope germany and france are on the right way.