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Author Topic: The Eagle has LANDED!  (Read 5502 times)

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Re: The Eagle has LANDED!
« Reply #20 on: December 19, 2007, 07:16:13 pm »
ET, is that Enemy Territory?  When I tried playing it, it didn't work on my Vista machine, so good luck :)

Ya, I have hackintosh running on my Dell laptop, Vista is so much better then mac, you made a good choice to go with Vista.

Isn't a monitor with only HDMI ports called a TV???

Those alerts in Vista are one of the most important security upgrades you can have.  With Vista, even when you are logged in as administrator, the programs are run in a standard user account.  It's only after you press the continue or the allow button that the process is moved to the administrator stack.  That way a virus can't touch your settings as easily because you have to press the OK button in order for it do do anything.

4GB will be really nice.  My laptop has 2GB and the memory is 51% used when it first boots up.  Sure that makes it run wicked fast, but it is still nice to have some extra memory lying around.
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