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Author Topic: Old beekeeping books available online  (Read 3608 times)

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Old beekeeping books available online
« on: July 16, 2004, 07:45:49 am »

Just found this link:

Here you can find several old beekeeping books as scanned images, or as OCR text.  It's possible to downlod the full text of the books.  

These are the books currently available:

    *  Alley, Henry. The beekeeper's handy book, or, Twenty-two years' experience in queen-rearing, containing the only scientific and practical method of rearing queen bees, and the latest and best methods for the general management of the apiary Henry Alley, Wenham, Mass. : 1883.
    * Doolittle, Gilbert M.. Scientific queen-rearing as practically applied; being a method by which the best of queen-bees are... T. G. Newman, Chicago : 1889.
    * Dzierzon, Jan. Dzierzon's rational bee-keeping, or, The theory and practice of Dr. Dzierzon Houlston & sons, London : 1882.
    * Huber, François. New observations on the natural history of bees Printed for J. Anderson ; Edinburgh : 1806.
    * Langstroth, L.L. Langstroth on the hive and the honey-bee; a bee keeper's manual... Hopkins, Bridgman, Northampton : 1853.
    * Miller, C. C. Fifty years among the bees A. I. Root Co., Medina, Ohio : 1911.
    * Munn, W. Augustus. A description of the bar-and-frame hive John Van Voorst, London : 1844.
    * Phillips, Everett Franklin. Beekeeping [1915?]
    * Quinby, M. Mysteries of bee-keeping explained; being a complete analysis of the whole subject : ... C. M. Saxton & Co., New York : 1853.
    * Root, A. I. The A B C of bee culture; a cyclopædia of everything pertaining to the care ... A.I. Root, Medina, Ohio : 1879.