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Author Topic: need a website created  (Read 8866 times)

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Re: need a website created
« Reply #20 on: July 29, 2007, 05:19:32 pm »
Hi everyone:

     Anybody out there interested in creating a website? I plan on hosting with zunibee.  I need one with archives, photos, FAQs, very short stories, and that will work with "dial-up".

     Unfortunately, I am sort of "cheap", and hesitate to pay going rates charged by the local "professionals".

thanks, ayyon2157
archives of what?
photos use either coppermine or gallery
FAQ can be done with basic HTML (You need to learn it).
short stories can work with a standard bloggong software like wordpress.
If you want it to work with dial up you need to keep images small and have a static page output.

Look many people in here will tell you to look at using a composer or a pre setup software. And that is fine. However I seriously recommend you learn at least basic HTML. Yes it is a pain the ass the first time. Yes you will make mistakes and pull your hair out.  However wisdom comes from expierence. Now you can be like the person who drives the nice car but doesn't know how to change a tire. Or you can be the person who has a 1970 ford truck but no monthly payments and the idea of how to fix most of it.

Once you have an idea of basic HTML putting up pre setup software like wordpress or similar is much easier to deal with.

Also learn what valid html is and make sure your pages test valid that way they show up properly in most browsers.

Warning stay away from cold fusion and dreamweaver. They make awful code.


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