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I bought my wife a .380 for Christmas and my son bought me one. I like my 9 better. Anyway, I thought I had a problem with them. They jammed about 2 times out of five. What I discovered was that the metal casing shells I got for Christmas was the problem. The high $$ brass shells worked fine. Anyone else ran across this? My 9mm and my AR shoots the metal casing with ease.

I have a Taurus that I bought from someone that did not like it because it jammed a lot. Probably metal casings was the problem.

Well beeing that im much more of an expert on guns than bees imm chime in..

Steel casings arent good in and gun imo..  they are cheaper but the scratch the chambers..  also steel expands when fired as does brass, but the brass is much softer.

Imo just use brass ammo.  380 is always a little more expensive to shoot too..

Ya i have a taurus 380 too..  never had a single problem and its accurate as heck to about 15 to 20 yards

Ditto on stell cases being bad.  Most ranges I've been on don't allow steel cased ammo.  The Taurus .380 is a good gun.  Isn't it based on the 1911 design?  The old ones were, I think.  I don't know what they're selling now. 

I like 9mm for practice.  I bought a barrel the converts my Glock mdl 23 .40 caliber to 9mm so shooting wouldn't cost as much.

I've had problems with steel as well. 
Sometimes it's just a good clean, others, it's the gun.
I run it in my cheap guns but anything I like I keep it to brass.
For a 380, I'd keep it to brass.


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