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Yes Mr. Bush.  I was quoting an article on web I read some time ago, so  I stated "early 1900", consider the source was in error as I in repeateding.  I'll take your word as actual, more correct.  Thanks for the corrrction.  Blessings
3 days to hatch--- fly 5 miles

-Strong hives
-Full sun location
-Hard packed ground (no loose debris and shb like fertile soil)
-Limit unused comb space
-Swiffer (micro sheets) in the top of supers
-Breed from bees that harass the shb not ignore them
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Questions on my new swarm
« Last post by sc-bee on July 21, 2017, 01:28:41 pm »
-After a month you should know if you have a queen or not
-Yes clean it up or it will get worse
-I am no foundationless guy but the hive has to be level and it is better to start foundationless frames between drawn frames
-Yes feed if they are not on a flow and need stores and comb
-Looks like they are struggling with the black plastic- did you add any extra wax? If they have a choice and both are in the box they are going to the wax foundation.

And last what I think is most important--- looks like i see 3 frames of drawn out comb with bees. Put them in a 5 frame nuc they will draw comb and grow faster ans protect the comb from shb. Add more room when needed. For me two stacked 5 frames grow quicker than a spread out box of ten...
South Carolina.... deep and two shallows and I usually have a shallow left when spring rolls around. Better to have it there and not need it that the other way around. My bees are low to the ground and the ones that have screened bottom boards... I don't even close. Nothing to have on shorts at Christmas at UGA... Or in GOD's Country in Death Valley South Carolina....
>The German black bee was introduced into the US in the early 1900's.

You mean early 1600s?  By late 1800s everyone was trying to change over to Italians and the German black bee was the bad guy.

>How does this happen?

Cordovan genes.
ADMINISTRATION FORUM / Recent Outage / Upgrade
« Last post by Robo on July 21, 2017, 11:27:35 am »
Wednesday morning we received notification from the hosting company that our account was suspended due to a reported phishing attacked hosted on the site.

Our abuse department has received a report of phishing being hosted on an account under your direct control. We do apologize for any inconveniences, however, to help prevent further abuse reports until this matter can be addressed, we were forced to disabled site access for your account.

They gave us no details of the report or phishing attack.   However they did off to give us root cause for a fee and tried to sell us 3rd party security service.   

There had been plans to move away from this hosting provider and make the site https: compliant by year end.  So this just accelerated the time line.

After about 1/2 day digging in,  it was determined that a well know streaming company was behind the "report" to the hosting company.   After further investigation into the issue,  it was determined that there was no phishing exploit on our site "targeted at their customers",  but rather someone had posted a link to a Chinese pirate site that was making one of their movies available for free.   So basically, the streaming company was falsely using "phishing attack on their customers"  to shut down our forum because there was a link posted that they did not approve of.

Migrating a forum at the spur of the moment created some challenges and did not go as quickly as hoped for.   On the positive side of things, the forum now has a SSL certificate and can be accessed securely with https.   Hopefully the outage is behind us at this point, but I am still working with the new hosting company to tweak some things, so there could be some performance/access issues over the next day or two.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.
What do you do?

Not much.  If you have a winter you inspect the hive in the fall and leave them enough honey to make it until spring.  Then you STAY OUT OF THE HIVE in winter.  Because your winters may not be cold enough to keep them in an inactive state your stores requirement may be greater than mine.
My winter prep is putting a 2" foam board on top of the cover and installing a mouse guard.

DOWN UNDER BEEKEEPING / Re: I've killed my bees.
« Last post by Acebird on July 21, 2017, 10:28:55 am »
As always the size of the physical hive is less important than what is in the hive.  The amount of stores should be proportionate to the size of the cluster.  What makes things a little squirrely is the weather / climate.  When the weather is above 50 and no nectar is available the hive needs more stores because they are active.  Secondly, if the colony jumps the gun and broods up sooner than it normally would you need a lot more stores.  If you feed you can't walk away because you could induce brooding sooner.
I doubt if insulating made any difference.
Hi Sameer,
You will get the best help if you put your location in your profile.
GREETINGS/TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF / Re: Start of Beekeeping - fun or serious business
« Last post by cao on July 21, 2017, 09:17:13 am »
Welcome  :happy:
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