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« Last post by Fishing-Nut on Today at 01:58:11 pm »
I know this topic is pretty old. But I found it interesting. Where I am from we are OVERLOADED with timber Rattlers. AKA cane breaks. I'm 29 years old and have caught hundreds and hundreds of them. (Foolishly I'll admit) but when you grow up in the sticks sometimes boredom will make you do things that you wander about. Anyway, I particularly found the part about the snakes not rattling anymore very interesting. I have dealt with tons of them that didn't ever make a sound, even after coiling up and striking a few times. They all did eventually start rattling at me. But the whole thing about rattling before biting simply isn't true. Also I am in agreement with the person who spoke on the fact that the snakes that rattle get killed by man, and therefore that snake gets culled from the gene pool. Just like some people will fight and some people will sit there and remain quiet. Some snakes are more prone to rattle than others. And whether fortunate or unfortunate, more times than not that snake dies. Also I do not believe that here in Georgia the snakes have learned to hide from wild hogs by not rattling. Even though it is a fact that a wild hog absolutely loves to eat a snake, I just don't think that the snakes not rattling is there way of hiding from them. I think that falls back to the strong instinct to rattle has been culled out throughout the years. I have been wrong before though. Just like this.......my wife and I do feral hog removal, we use dogs (and other methods) to catch hogs. The old timers talk about how it used to be so easy to catch hogs, they'd stand still and "bay up" just about every time. It was the hogs natural instinct to stand his ground and fight. Now throughout the years the hogs that stood around to fight are dead and have not passed on those genes. Most of the hogs we deal with will run for miles and miles. And it is pretty hard to catch a lot of hogs in a trap. Because the ones that are "dumb" (I use that term loosely because hogs are rediculously smart) enough to enter a trap get killed. What I'm getting at is that over the years we are essentially creating a smarter animal, and unknowingly manipulating their genetics. These are just my opinions. And before anybody smacks me around for hog hunting I'd love to show you the damage these things do. I've seen Farmers in tears, crops absolutely destroyed, newborn livestock literally eaten alive, and the list goes on and on. In order to just "maintain" a healthy balance in nature that involves feral hogs, 70% of them need to be killed every year. That's a fact. So Trust me when I tell you that a wild hog isn't something you just want to leave alone because it's a "part of nature". Some things just don't work like that.
Why would you. It will bee darker than normal. What is the purpose?
GREETINGS/TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF / Re: Salutations Grand Readers !
« Last post by sawdstmakr on Today at 01:53:03 pm »
It will take acres of them to feed your bees.
Is anyone considering opening a hive during the eclipse?
COMPUTER TECH HELP FORUM / Re: Penetration Test on Beemaster ?
« Last post by eivindm on Today at 11:52:24 am »
I had initially thought of not replying to you as I don't think you deserve the attention you try to get. But to assure the other members that we are not into deep security issues I will anyways:

1. If you ever place your security in the fact that your admin URL is not easy to guess, you are simply doing it wrong. It is perfectly possible to secure the admin login with other means.

2. The exploit you point to is old, very old in fact. This issue was patched here a long time ago. An exploit to a previous version is not a problem for us. You could at least checked if our version was affected as we don't even hide our current version. That said; popular software like wordpress and SMF have had many security issues. If you had looked for it you would have found many of them. Running old versions is always a bad idea.

3. Manipulating post counts: We have run this site for many many years. It is not strange we have a high post count.

4. Congratulations. You learned to reverse lookup on DNS and found that the server runs other sites as well. My company runs  a two digit number of sites behind the same IP with a 6 digit number of users. I handle security issues for many of them, and I sleep very well at night.

5. Allowing random parameters to the URL: You mean any random URL parameter should cause a 403 HTTP response, or just a strip off of the parameter with a 302 redirect? Why would this make the site more secure? In order to get a security issue this must be picked up somehow meaning that either the back end code or the front end code would have to pick it up and evaluate it or print it to the response un escaped. Any code showing data from a parameter should escape the data, no matter if it belongs to a supported parameter or not. Whitelisting parameters won't help for this. In fact; many frameworks auto escapes data like this unless otherwise stated. PHP does not, but any programmer with basic skills should know how to handle this. Try random code at a site like CNN. They don't strip it off with a 302 or give a 403 either.  Millions of lines of code to a GET request won't even work: Apache has a default limit of 8K in the header and IIS has 16K, so it is hard to fit million of lines of code into a 8K header.

I don't appreciate your attitude. You got a warning for a good reason, so handle it and move on. You obviously want to make us mods look bad because of this by finding "security issues". That is a very bad start when you are fairly new to a forum. If you in any way was concerned about the security, you should have approached the admins/mods and give us a heads up, not posted this in public. That is basic security knowledge. We do in fact appreciate any tip about security issues when it is done with a positive attitude and is meant to help.

I will close this thread now as I don't have any wish to fight you in public. I just replied to assure the users that all is well.

COMPUTER TECH HELP FORUM / Re: Penetration Test on Beemaster ?
« Last post by M3RLIN on Today at 10:58:38 am »

This is actually pretty neat. I like it.
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« Last post by M3RLIN on Today at 10:45:20 am »
Hmmmm. I'm thinking about growing hundreds around the hives. Maybe just maybe it will prevent absconding behaviour. Is there some plant that small hive beetle and wax moth hate but bees love ?
GREETINGS/TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF / Re: Salutations Grand Readers !
« Last post by eltalia on Today at 10:24:03 am »

I watched my bees go absolutely mental for Thai basil the other day. They are literally drunk on the little purple flowers.

: nods:

Basil is a well kept secret as "bee bait"... having pots of last year's issue looking more than a tad sad I have just done potting up a dozen more for this year - that and putting the Oleo-mac to some fresh logs (swarm traps) earnt me a few cold Great Northerns under a sailor's sunset!

There are Aussies reading here, not so many posting these days.



COMPUTER TECH HELP FORUM / Re: Penetration Test on Beemaster ?
« Last post by M3RLIN on Today at 10:17:21 am »
Guys....giving the attacker a warning isn't gonna stop your site getting wrecked.....

So basically I found where your software sucks....

I can insert complete BS into the browser and it accepts it.

For example: https://beemaster.com/forum/index.php?instructDeceptaconHere0101010

As a link still works. That should be an error or something. I could put a million lines of code in there.

Anyways: thanks for the warning, and lucky I'm not malicious. Out.

P.S. Your Mod powers should have had this account closed and me banned by now. So yeah...
COMPUTER TECH HELP FORUM / Re: Penetration Test on Beemaster ?
« Last post by M3RLIN on Today at 10:03:19 am »

Another easy to find login......
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