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Thanks for the information folks.
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES FORUM / Does any body hunt with dogs?
« Last post by Fishing-Nut on Today at 10:29:12 pm »
I went off talking about hog hunting with dogs in the timber Rattlers thread and it made me wander how many dog hunters we have on here. Weather you run hounds for Coons, or beagle's for rabbits I'd like to hear about it. Me, I used to coon hunt (heavily) with walker coonhounds, now I hog hunt with cur dogs.
« Last post by Fishing-Nut on Today at 10:26:21 pm »
Eltalia , I read a lot of stuff on the Aussie way of hog dogging. I do it a lot different, but I do enjoy reading about what works for other people. A friend of mine got some pups from me and sent them to Australia for a guy to use on hogs. I was extremely interested to see how they turned out but unfortunately lost contact with the person before any information could be passed back to me. I do like the style and the breeding behind what is commonly used in Australia. The lurchers, finder holders, bull Arabs, or luggers as you called them. A big leggy dog with a ton of speed that finds and catches the hog. Mainly sight hounds. I like the concept. But I hunt mostly thick woods and swamps. We rarely ever see the pigs. Therefore I use a scent dog that will pick up a trail. Not hounds though. I don't want them taking a day old track. I breed and raise black mouth curs. I like a dog that will take a track of no more than 5 or 6 hours old. My style of dog will only bite the hog if it's running. When the hog stops to fight the dog will back up and bark.. with the gps collars on the dogs we can get to them in a hurry with the bulldog. Or catchdog as we call them. That's a quick run down of how I do it. I do have friends though that cross bulldogs into their scent dogs and refer to them as running catch dogs. I must admit that they catch a lot of hogs, but they also spend a lot of money on vet bills and lots of down time letting dogs heal. That's why I don't go that route. A wild hog can do some damage rather quickly. If your dog is hanging off of a hogs ear and it takes you 30 minutes to get there it's not going to be good most of the time. I like my dogs more than most hunters do anyway. When one gets hurt I feel pretty bad about it and usually the dog sleeps in the house until it's ready to hit the woods again. Then it's back to the kennels. Hahaha.
Hey thanks mate. Yeah I don't paint the inside of the boxes either. In case I have to collect propolis one day. I figure maybe more organic that way. I'll try the selleys.

Another beauty of modern times is attached - this is the top super of a hive
I rescued last year after the broodchamber collapsed under white ant attack, up past
Lakeland Downs. The frames toast, I restore this maybe 50yr old box as a broodbox
for the yard.  I use foam extensively in trapouts and repairs as this one... bluudy great
stuff! :-)))))

But really I post with a "heads up"... you recall I wrote "playing it straight" is best?
Well you have had your first lesson in that "penetration" thread. None...absolutely *none*
of these online BK forums "get" our SOH. Not even that Flow forum which is supposedly
run by Aussies, something I am most skeptical about. So where they do not get Aussie
SOH they are _never_ going to get FNQ humour. "Anal" is just way too gentle a
descriptor..heh. The Admins here do mean well and really are the best of a poor lot so
don't take any missiles to heart... prolly telling you what you know already,
buuuut whatever ;-D
I recognise I carnt tellya much about web security you don't already know.. but part of that
is to be aware yet say nought. The  site is fine an' "nunyabidness" applies, that's the rule.
I tried offering similar elsewhere and the work got deleted, pronto. These guys invented(sic)
the Internet and Lasange is a truly bad dude in their book. So stick to bees and you will be
fine... and as said previously, write to the middle audience and not the bookends, righto?

I am doing some work on your other topics, more later.


(edit - pix+dupe)
« Last post by Eric Bosworth on Today at 10:09:57 pm »
Between that link and the sizes given in this one

I think the simplest might be a 357 case that has had a heavy roll crimp applied and the solid head cut off.
I don't think I have the bee resources to attempt to breed my own queens this season but will almost certainly be giving it a try next year.
My plan is to start raising queens next year also. I also. Think the pdf plans I found for 7.62 cases could easily be modified to have 20 cells in a frame rather than 10.

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DOWN UNDER BEEKEEPING / Splitting Questions
« Last post by PhilK on Today at 09:15:37 pm »
We've done some brood inspections and seen lots of drone brood, some little queen cups, and plenty of fresh white wax so I think swarms are coming up soon. We're planning on splitting our hives to prevent swarming (like an artificial swarm), keeping some nucs for ourselves and selling some. We've only split once before so I am a bit unsure on the process.

Would you recommend splitting into nucs, or splitting into a 10 frame hive? Obviously we remove the old queen with the split and allow the bees left behind to raise a new one. Often they will create more than one queen cell, so is there a chance the hive will swarm anyway with more than one queen hatching out?

« Last post by PhilK on Today at 09:13:06 pm »
Apologies, sorry. Bees swarm here when there is a heavy flow on.
Forgive my ignorance but why would bees swarm if there isn't a flow? What's the trigger for the swarming?
« Last post by eltalia on Today at 07:03:58 pm »
>I know this topic is pretty old. But I found it interesting.

Myself also FN... I learnt teener rattlers have no rattlle!
A onetime "snake catcher" - in a past life - I supplemented my lowly scholarship 'income' with
doing "Joe Blake"(snake) removals and selling the creatures to enthusiasts. All highly illegal
Down Under today without not easy to get G'mnt permits. Crippled for the purpose of those
outdoor activities I still hold a wonder for our scaly friends and actively encourage others to
leave them well alone.
I cannot offer any insight into the evolutionary behavior being brought up other than pass on
lhe observance feral pig numbers in this Country having exploded - attributed largely to a long
held 1080 baiting of our dingo - the number of 4x4s now kitted out for pig hunting is way over
the few one saw around back when I was your age and out hunting them every other weekend
- pigs at dawn/twilight, bees after breakfast ;-)
One trusty companion is still at it today despite some ailments. He was always the fittest of our
small group and the local 'inventor' of hobbles and breastplates, necessary as we ate a lot of
what we caught and a dog tusked/hit in the chest was a common injury which layed a dog low
for anything up to a month. We dogged all our pigs, no guns, no traps, and yeah, a bevy of
"luggers" who would pull a pig up inside of a 1/4 mile.
I still today breed a line as these creatures are the most gentle of dogs around us humans and
yet held in such awe by the unknowing they are the best of "guard dog" one could feed.

Thanks for the education on rattlers, a snake the movie industry has us all afar greatly afeared
of maracas[1] to this very day ;-)))




Why you should not have looked.  It can be very dangerous.

We had full blockage for suposedly two min and 30 something seconds and it did get pretty dark.  If I sit here and count 150 seconds, that seems like a pretty long time but all I can say is it gets dark fast and gets light fast cause the sun only has to peak around the moon and it is pretty light out.  I have seen clouds make it darker then all but that two minutes of full coverage.
It was still kinda fun to see the chickens head for the coup and barily make it or not make it and then it get light again.  I find animals pretty fun to watch.  I have spent a lot of time sitting on a bucket and just watching the bees come and go from the hives also.  All I can say is the watching is usually more fun then working.
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