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THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: 319 square miles
« Last post by cidersabuzzin on Today at 08:04:12 pm »
If we kept the constitution as it was written Kathy would not be allowed to speak on this forum.  If she spoke up to her husband she would be slapped silly into submission.  Liberals gave her the freedom she has now.

Want to back that up?  Republicans gave her the right to vote.  Law gave her the right not to be slapped silly.  Free speech is between the citizen and the government.  Have you ever actually read the Constitution?

The electoral college was created because the majority of the population was considered illiterate.

Try reading what Iddee posted.  It had nothing to do with literacy.  There are places, even on forums, where literacy seems lacking.

pity democrats and republicans don`t live in "east" or "west" or "south" and "north", but are intermingled. otherwise you could just have it out with another civil war!

We may yet.  If it comes down to protecting our constitution and our rights, many of us took that oath and consider it still an active oath.
Explain please in more than one line your thoughts! :rolleyes:
Allen, that is good news! I know that you are happy about the results. As I told you in post 20 My simular situation ended with more good for me than I had even hoped, I considered this to be a blessing for me, I just came in from checking on these late fall splits and all have survived thus far. Wishing more blessings and good things for you as well!
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: A tree fell on my hive.
« Last post by Stinger13 on Today at 06:29:19 pm »
CoolBees: that is cool, what we used to say as kids.  Good your queen made it.

Ace, that is some fast growing grass! Nice backyard also. Me-thinks that backyard needs some bees to be complete.  :grin:
That would go over big withthe HOA!  Some dang fool is going rampant about squirrels in her house saying the community is infested with rats.

Ace, here is what to do.  Tell the dang fool the one that can?t distinguish a squirrel from a rat,,,, tell the fool that HoneyBees hate and kill rats on site.  Want proof you say, well just look inside any beehive and I guarantee you will not find a rat in the hive.  There is your proof.  Hopefully the fool will stock up on beehives and generate some business for those kind Florida beeks that have posted pics and texted about pollen, nectar, brood and oh ya lush green grsss.  I luv reading about active bees in Fl, Az, As well as other warm places as my bees are mostly clustered.
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: I'm very tired...
« Last post by cidersabuzzin on Today at 06:23:23 pm »
I don't think we do foreign aid so that money can be passed directly to the people.  Other than tangibles like food, the money is meant to promote programs that help better the lives of the people.  Things like education.  It is stupid because all government are equal in one thing, and that is that they feed themselves first.

I think many of the founders were consciously writing freedom of religion into the Bill of Rights as a defense against the overbearing religions that existed in the colonies. 

Perhaps, but if you read both the amendment and their writings, that is not the picture you get.  They 1. wanted to avoid a national religion and 2. wanted to protect the practice of whatever you preferred from the federal government.  That's why the 1st is specifically a limitation/direction to Congress.  Might they have written it differently if they had seen the future?  I think not. I think the Bill of Rights was written broadly so as to preserve maximum freedom.  We have since interpreted those amendments to limit freedoms. 

As for translations, I am not sure how much it matters if they are off a bit here and there.  I prefer earlier translations like Geneva but that's just me.  Even if you compare most translations over the centuries, the main of the story is not changed much.  The Old Testament is about history, the law, and prophecy.  The New Testament is about the fulfillment of prophecy, and coming prophecy.  Throughout translations this remains pretty much the same so regardless of which we read, the message is intact.
.....it's in my opinion?...... not necessarily in everyone else's opinion. :smile: Don't fall into the trap of total self belief. :cheesy: for there lies disaster for others. Stick to the constitution, religion is far more complex, and dangerous :wink:   
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: A tree fell on my hive.
« Last post by CoolBees on Today at 04:31:36 pm »
A quick update on this ...

After nearly 3 weeks of cold and rain, it finally warmed up and dried out enough to open the hive and check the damage. Good news - somehow the queen survived the ordeal! Over 10 (med) frames of brood that should be hatching soon, and a good flow going. Hopefully this hive can take advantage of the season after all. Yay!   :smile:
« Last post by iddee on Today at 03:34:45 pm »
I think he will disappear for 6 months and then get a new role before his money runs out. He's a Dem. They won't make him pay. A queer, black democrat means he can never do no wrong in their eyes.
« Last post by MikeyN.C. on Today at 02:36:01 pm »
Forgot to ask . is there sugar water on hives or a community feeder ?
« Last post by MikeyN.C. on Today at 02:15:16 pm »
Thanks Jim for all the info.
So you don't worry that newly mated Q will enter the wrong box ?
Could you show some pics. of your screens?  I was going to try and make Q's this year.  To increase a feral hive i have and haven't decided what method.  Thanks again.
« Last post by salvo on Today at 09:53:13 am »
Hi Folks,


How many here think Jussie Smollett will actually commit suicide?

How many here think Jussie Smollett will be Arkancided to protect his political co-conspirators?

(You can answer next week.)

I once used a plastic covered wood construction, quite similar to those pop up tents. Wirked just fine, just put a quuen in the middle off the tent roof and you can collect a swarm there too.
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