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Title: More about bees
Post by: Understudy on April 11, 2006, 05:50:18 pm
 Kiwi beekeepers are selfish and don't want the same parasies and diseases that everyone else has.  (,2106,3634905a3600,00.html)
Find em young train em right (
Bees will be labeled terroists, Rumsfeld seen getting troops ready for invasion.Canadians next on the list. (
 Bees not allowed on swing sets or monkey bars.  (
 Remember when firefighters use to take kittens out of trees. (
Bee theft (
Kansas gets ready for Africanized Honeybees starts border patrol to stop immigration of AHBs. (
Killer bees not coming to Kansas, border patrol agents look confused. (
 Even the bees don't like New Jersey (
 Nice friendly bees on way out. No more honey for you!  (
Kansas returns to panic mode, border patrol agents learn it will be years before bees start border crossings, go back to drinking coffee and looking for Canadians and Californians. (
 Bees fly with legs down, the fact that there is a cargo of pollen on them, completly overlooked. Here comes something called science. (
Carpenter bees renamed Home Demolition Bees, form union demand better pollen and 401k plans. (