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Title: I did my bee watching today
Post by: Woody1951 on September 15, 2015, 05:23:27 pm
I tried to show off my hives and my swarm trap but they are larger photos than allowed. I think I can lower the format.

Hive one is still very upset about that thorough inspection. Both are. I have bees bumping around like mee when my house is not a mess.

I don't know about other hives, but just breaking the bar lose does not break that profulois  loose from the sides and will rip large chunks of comb. I run a bread knife down each side. I lose a few bees I am sure, but most of the bees that are on the knife clean up and go back to work. The biggest mistake this time was assuming those weight bearing beams were not there when I could not see them. I hate making a mess...unless it is mine.

Another thing that might be brainless to some is bringing that fowler board tight to the hive so they don't have so much to heat. My friend last year pulled the board and said good luck. He got 16 lbs. of honey and everyone but the bees and me loved him. I built my first hive to interchange with his and we both bought a package. He had some good empty comb and took right off. Mine got the queen out of her cage and swarmed to the willow tree at the other end of the marina about 60 ft. up. But that is another story.

This year he gave me the hive. I know I can double that plus have happy, healthy bees ready to split again in the spring. One year. or so. 18 months. Whatever the time it is good and right...and fun.
Title: Re: I did my bee watching today
Post by: Woody1951 on September 15, 2015, 05:31:48 pm
Many things pollinate. An amazing world we live in.