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Title: Z Nation
Post by: Kathyp on December 06, 2014, 09:12:23 pm
I'm not usually a fan of zombie stuff but this show is surprisingly good.  i had recorded it and am going through the season now.  anyone else catch it?  it's a syfy original.
Title: Re: Z Nation
Post by: beemaster on December 07, 2014, 06:32:38 pm
  anyone else catch it?  it's a syfy original.

What you think :P

I tool like this, it is a lighter version of Walking Deal, very different goals - just another Sci-fi winner!

I have loved all DJ Qualls' (Citizen Z) acting since the core with his classic movie quote "Call me Rat... My name is Rat!" He's perfect up at the top the world in his HomeLand Securities Fortress. His character makes it real for me, even though I find the way he can access every camera on intersections, buildings, etc. creepy - we often think HLS can do all that - and probably can do most that at least. Nice touch giving him a pet :)

I don't know if you've ever seen Keith Allen (Murphy) but the do a whale of a job on him - even before he slowly turns Zombie on us. He's a classic character you love to hate, then learn to like.

Definitely a winner show - I'm sitting down to watch the latest episode (I believe the season finale) now.

Title: Re: Z Nation
Post by: divemaster1963 on December 07, 2014, 07:13:12 pm
Saeson faninal is good and unexpected . hope it comes back with most of the crew tho.
I like it a lot and have watched all the episodes

John :pop: :pop:
Title: Re: Z Nation
Post by: jvalentour on January 31, 2015, 10:57:12 pm
I just discovered it on NetFlix.  Started season one this week.
It's like a Walking Dead Lite, with humor.
I plan to watch it when I get a chance.
Title: Re: Z Nation
Post by: Kathyp on January 31, 2015, 11:14:28 pm
I think you'll enjoy it.  the writing was perfect for the actors and it does have humor.
Title: Re: Z Nation
Post by: beemaster on February 01, 2015, 02:42:00 am
Off topic a bit (hmmmm. not sure if I've ever done THAT before) I need to input the book series the ZOMBIE FALLOUT series - 8 books now, and although I wish they stopped at book 6 (what a wonderful ending: likely the best hour of an audiobook I ever listened too) it still is an awesome built collection of characters and situations with a main character Micheal Talbot who is witty, sarcastic and self debasing - all the stuff you can ask for an average Joe who is only trying to keep his family and collection of people they meet in the days and years following Z-Day.

Yes Kathy, the previous WAS a single sentence  :beemaster:

That's a hundred hours I spent with that series and got a chuckle as the reader Sean Runette kept me greatly entertained. The series is by Mark Tufo - who has written MANY Michael Talbot books in seemingly parellel universes greatly similar to that of his Fallout series, several books based on an alien abduction of about 200 people from a school sporting event and forced to fight each other to survive and the hopeful return to Earth, event though the situation there is not much better.

The best part, it isn't too sci-fi and not fantasy at all - you buy the story line without having clutter thrown in. In this series called Indian Hill, you meet an alien (also captive aboard a massive space craft) who learns quickly to speak English through the words of Talbot - so he has much of the same wit and sarcasm as Talbot. A very good series as well, although I believe only 4 books.

Oh well.... I've written about these elsewhere and thought I'd rewrite these two series by Tufo, which would BOTH make great TV series: Indian Hill is much more a Falling Skies type series, but again with much humor to keep it light, even with many characters in wild situations.