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Post by: beemaster on November 01, 2013, 11:12:35 am
Actually I have 3 shows to post on which we have spent weekends watching together, but first Scandals, NOW in its 3rd season (11.1.13)

Scandal is sort of a West-Wing kind of show, but it stretches beyond the Whitehouse in to a group of people, who have been tossed aside by life at one time or another and brought together by Olivia Pope - a modern, smart gum-shoe like black woman who just happens to be the President's true love interest.

I can't help think of this being the TV show LEVERAGE if it weren't a comedy of sorts. Scandal has many incredible regular characters, and develops ones that normally would be background chatter on some shows.

Note worthy people include: Cyrus, an older man who is the President's Chief of Staff. He is gay, married to a TV reporter and Cyrus is inspired, if not qualified to be President himself, but since he knows that will never happen, he makes sure that he handles all damage control for the President who can't help but follow his heart - funny how few times he is actually doing President stuff - lol.

Another point about Cyrus (and Scandal) they seem to skip the role of Press Secretary to the President, Cyrus does all the media events in the Whitehouse Press Room. Just an interesting thought. I guess it saves a lot of redundant dialog and simplifies the characters in a show where you do have a lot of people to follow.

Olivia's staff is a vast cast of people, mainly focusing on Huck, a mentally broken torture specialist for the CIA, he was trained to do America's dirty work of torture here at home. Cause he was human, he broke a rule and paid dearly for it, making him a much more timid, yet still deadly man when it comes to protecting his friends, and his real strength is situational re-activeness - the billiard effect when one thing reacts with another and knowing how people will respond to being cornered and threatened.

Pope's group call themselves Gladiators, willing to do what is needed to keep whatever they are challenged to do either secret or under control. Her affair with the President helps and hurts her in doing her work, as it does him.

Other memorable characters, the First Lady, jealous of Olivia Pope, yet she seems to have greater political aspirations than hatred of her husband's lover. And a very conservative, albeit a self-serving religious Lady Vice President.

Lots to love here. This is NOT the kind of show you miss an episode of, it follows a very fast paced timeline and is not hokey like a soap opera. Some shows you can just sit down and watch a random episode (say like Monk) which may lightly connect to the series timeline, missing a Scandal episode is like missing chapters in a book. VERY GOOD SERIES.