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Title: The Newsroom - HBO with Jeff Daniels
Post by: beemaster on May 11, 2013, 10:39:51 am
Just caught episode one (12 made) and thought this another good series with possibilities. Daniel's character is a brash, to the point anchorman of the evening news with centrist leanings (right is right, not political leanings - he's a person voter not a party voter type) and he is an A-hole, rude, crude, can't remember the names of people under him but he takes his job serious and lives to get the real story out before any other news service.

Episode one deals with the Deep Water Horizon explosion and pipe-line break, the story dips in, not pours in and his commitment staff and that of his ex-fling who is back in the newsroom with her staff, shows how hard investigative methods gets to the meat of a story in time for the evening news.

I'm downloading the rest of the series now and I hope this builds the characters as well as the pilot suggests it will. Anyone else caught this and what did you think??

Title: Re: The Newsroom - HBO with Jeff Daniels
Post by: Joe D on May 11, 2013, 11:14:15 am
I saw the series when it originally came on I liked it.  Not sure but think it is supposed to come back either this summer or fall.  I want tell you how it goes, hate people that tell just a little, all the main points so there no need to watch.

Title: Re: The Newsroom - HBO with Jeff Daniels
Post by: alfred on May 11, 2013, 11:28:46 am
Where are you downloading it? I caught part of the pilot. I would love to see the rest.
Title: Re: The Newsroom - HBO with Jeff Daniels
Post by: beemaster on May 11, 2013, 12:46:48 pm
My internet viewing (although I have Xfinity on-demand on TV and Internet) comes in generally 2 forms:

1) I go to ( and nearly every TV series and movie is found there. Current theatrical movies come from simple cam copies to very DVD quality. This site is really amazing, it is a streaming only site, but you will find typically a dozen links to any video or TV show episode you wish to watch. Rarely, you may need to let a minute buffer before starting to watch something, but generally content takes right off and nearly all current TV shows (since HD) are streamed in HD. I really like this site and of course in case I always make sure my virus software is current - this site has NEVER given me even a yellow flag using Norton.

The best part, whether you are watching some hour long series from a network, cable or premium channel, there are never commercials, so an hour long show is just over 43 minutes. A big time saver especially if you are watching a season of a show in a weekend.

2) the Newsroom availability at was lame, most premium channel stuff is quite good, I watch all the Sho-time stuff at even though I subscribe to it.

So then it needs to be downloaded, and I use a free software program called BITLORD to find, download and compile whatever TV or movies I'm hunting.

IMPORTANT, I choose the "MAGNET" format NOT "Torrent" format of anything I download, Magnet (although I'm sure not perfect) are surely less likely to get snagged compared to a movie downloaded in Torrent format. Again, virus-software is everything, although there is a huge difference in general downloading a movie or downloading software - the latter begs for viruses in the world of pirating.

All this said, in the case of The Newsroom, it took 40 minutes to download the entire 10 episode season. Internet speeds can greatly vary but generally with enough sources, a one hour TV show in 1080p (again really 43 minutes actual episode length) with a good connection of 1.5 to 2 MBPS speed will take 8 to 10 (or less) minutes if it is a 2gig file.

Title: Re: The Newsroom - HBO with Jeff Daniels
Post by: alfred on May 11, 2013, 07:34:52 pm
Wow thanks for all of the info. I will check it out.