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Title: I saw... - A THING.
Post by: Bee Happy on February 26, 2013, 10:11:33 pm
I always wanted something of my very own to post in this part of the forum; It's been a while since I thought of it, but poking around in the spooky - creepy - crawly - not-of-this-earth part of the forum Jogged my memory.  I was in Canada, maybe two(?) Christmases ago - about a block from the shoreline of Lake Huron. I had just come out the front door to get another of the infinitely forgotten in the Jeep travel somethings.
There was a light - at first I thought it was another car turning on the lane. (I suspect our brains try to catalogue those things we are accustomed to very first, always.) The light shortened long shadows and lengthened short ones - just how you'd expect a light to act.
But I didn't see any cars.
I saw a brilliant, brilliant blue/white BALL float, (FLOAT!) drifting below the clear sky above the big ol' lake an unknown number of meters, since it was Canada, away.
Nothing made a sound.
Everything was silent. The light - and EVERYTHING in creation (even the wind, I think) held its breath.
My mind screeched like an old LP that's had the needle ripped away. (figuratively, of course, no need for an MRI)
'Did I SEE that?' I thought.
'I didn't see that; something shorted in my optic nerve or something.' I told myself.
I was ready to believe, too, that I just saw something that I didn't really see - so I could get back to my life with as few bothersome questions and puzzles distracting me from everything I could do without being distracted from. (Not much, to be honest.)
And then those lovely Canada Geese ('winged rats' one Canadian called them)- protected and prolific - many of whom stay; which was made clear to me because this happened in December. - Those pretty birds who would never be a Christmas dinner  spoke up: "Honk" "Honk" "Haww" (one of them apparently had a touch of something.) - Telling me:  "You did, too, see something; we don't know what the hell it was, either, but it woke us up, and scared us!"
Title: Re: I saw... - A THING.
Post by: salvo on May 17, 2013, 11:36:45 pm
"Ball Lightning".

Lots of stories...usually wierd.

It's real. (

Title: Re: I saw... - A THING.
Post by: Bee Happy on May 20, 2013, 02:21:47 am
I thought it might be, but it sure sent my imagination into overdrive.
Title: Re: I saw... - A THING.
Post by: wayne on June 16, 2013, 09:41:32 pm
 Ball Lightening, in December, off Lake Huron?  I've always thought of that as a warm weather event.

from wiki;

Descriptions of ball lightning vary widely. It has been described as moving up and down, sideways or in unpredictable trajectories, hovering and moving with or against the wind; attracted to,[33] unaffected by, or repelled from buildings, people, cars and other objects. Some accounts describe it as moving through solid masses of wood or metal without effect, while others describe it as destructive and melting or burning those substances. Its appearance has also been linked to power lines[34] as well as during thunderstorms and also calm weather. Ball lightning has been described as transparent, translucent, multicolored, evenly lit, radiating flames, filaments or sparks, with shapes that vary between spheres, ovals, tear-drops, rods, or disks.[35]

Ball lightning is often erroneously identified as St. Elmo's fire. They are separate and distinct phenomena.[36]

The balls have been reported to disperse in many different ways, such as suddenly vanishing, gradually dissipating, absorption into an object, "popping," exploding loudly, or even exploding with force, which is sometimes reported as damaging. Accounts also vary on their alleged danger to humans, from lethal to harmless.

A review of the available literature published in 1972[37] identified the properties of a “typical” ball lightning, whilst cautioning against over-reliance on eye-witness accounts:

They frequently appear almost simultaneously with cloud-to-ground lightning discharge
They are generally spherical or pear-shaped with fuzzy edges
Their diameters range from 1–100 cm, most commonly 10–20 cm
Their brightness corresponds to roughly that of a domestic lamp, so they can be seen clearly in daylight
A wide range of colours has been observed, red, orange and yellow being the most common.
The lifetime of each event is from 1 second to over a minute with the brightness remaining fairly constant during that time
They tend to move, most often in a horizontal direction at a few metres per second, but may also move vertically, remain stationary or wander erratically.
Many are described as having rotational motion
It is rare that observers report the sensation of heat, although in some cases the disappearance of the ball is accompanied by the liberation of heat
Some display an affinity for metal objects and may move along conductors such as wires or metal fences
Some appear within buildings passing through closed doors and windows
Some have appeared within metal aircraft and have entered and left without causing damage
The disappearance of a ball is generally rapid and may be either silent or explosive
Odors resembling ozone, burning sulfur, or nitrogen oxides are often reported
Title: Re: I saw... - A THING.
Post by: beemaster on July 05, 2013, 12:11:36 pm
I keep forgetting to reply to this post. My first paranormal like story my Mom ever told me was of the ball lightning that came into her childhood home around when she was 11 or so. It literally came in through the front window and exited out the back door - a bit of a path change for sure.

I wonder how all things are connected in this world, poltergeist activities are almost always connected with children at puberty and over-active mojo going on, but I wonder what (if anything) may induce ball lighting or possible guide or change its path.

My Mom had a few clairvoyant moments that made this you fellow crap his pants on more than one occasion. I wonder if, even if unknown by the people witnessing ball lighting up close) if they have some unique makeup that attracts whatever activity is occurring?

Two short stories of my Mom's sensitivities: I was always punctual, living 67 walking minutes to school. Raising my handicapped brother was more than a full time job, but Mom always had everything ready for me, spent time and saw I got off to school with lunch and a hug every morning. One day, after hugging me goodbye, she let go then reached and grabbed my jacket hood, stopping me in place. She seemed frightened but wouldn't say why - we just stood there for over a minute - then she said "okay" and "take your time". She let me go and I walked to school.

It was Winter, just a day after a decent snow day, roads were cleared as well as sidewalks and I stayed on the sidewalk. As I walked down this long length of sidewalk I first heard the crack and then saw a massive tree branch, I think even as an adult I believe this branch was huge. And without a doubt I would have been underneath that branch, looking up to see what the sound was as it crashed on top of me. The massive snow covered branch fell right across the sidewalk, a few other kids in front of it and behind me all looked in wonder.

The second story I have told and some people may not understand my Mom's reasoning for even telling me, but again at about 14 years of age, I had many responsibilities in taking care of my brother with severe Cerebral Palsy, my father worked 2 and 3 jobs just to pay medical bills and put food on the table. I remember many months in the 60's when he could not come up with the $32 mortgage payment for the overwhelming bills of having a handicapped child.

Around September my Mom had a horrible vision of her own demise. She kept this to herself but she believed she was to die on her birthday, that Novemember just 6 or so weeks away. She took it into her mind to teach me everything in caring for myself and for my brother, first without telling me why the hurried lessons of being "care provider" in our house.

Week into this I finally asked what was going on, so often she was upset and it was scaring me, so she finally said that she had a vision that she would not be with us after her birthday. I must have looked at her for more clarification and she followed by saying she believes she will die on her birthday. My Mom held back nothing, and as frightening as it was to hear, I now knew that we had lots of work to do. That's a lot for a kid to hear, most people would not understand how she could even say such  thing, but she had proven her abilities to know things so often to me that I discounted nothing she'd say. The importance of what lie ahead out-weighed the reluctance of telling me.

My Mom was never well, I could give a list of surgeries and removed, dying or cancerous body parts, but I'll just say, I hardly remember my mother as being healthy at any point in my life.

The early night before her birthday, I woke to her screaming and I almost broke my a$$ running down the stairs - she just got a call that her mother, who was a very healthy barely 60 year old who suffered a massive stroke, and was in very critical shape, morbidly so. The phone call from her sister was not conveyed to me, in her panic, I was just told they had to go to the hospital - I was crapping myself with the death-clock counting down hours very fast.

My parents left me in charge, and they took off for the hospital about 12 miles away. I had two thoughts, 1) all of a sudden my Mom was on the road in a car speeding toward the hospital, is she suddenly dying, will they get in a car accident (remember few minutes earlier she was home relatively safe) I felt this was it and I'd never see my Mom alive again.

Hours later finally she called and said that she and dad were okay and they'd be home soon, but I knew nothing of Grandmom who had died about 2am. I learned of course when they finally got home what happened, but I still thought we had another 20 hours left in that day too.

Doing the math, my Mom predicted a death, her Moms, not her own, but not only the date but the year and she was like a modern dooms-day prepper getting me ready for this event, it had THAT much impact on her.


Who's to say how these orb like energy balls can often remain minutes active, going in incredible directions, do somewhat unearthly things like passing through walls, etc.. It is also curious if sometime, if not always it may need a catalyst to keep it "alive looking" floating about doing its thing.

I've told parts of these stories before, leaving out somethings, but this was the fullest and best account of just 2 events my Mom had. There were many many more over her life, my Dad said she was a witch long before I was born (he said that in a supernatural way, not a witch with a capitol B.

Glad you finally got to post in the Darkside Forum - it isn't until you can't satisfy yourself on something you have seen or felt, that you even think of coming here usually. We all have those moments, many we just dismiss by thinking "That was weird!" and dismissing it. I think if we questioned more of what we see and dismiss less, we would know there is so much more than what our 5 senses can explain.

Title: Re: I saw... - A THING.
Post by: Jackam on July 06, 2013, 02:34:52 am

And then those lovely Canada Geese - protected and prolific - ... - Those pretty birds who would never be a Christmas dinner...
Not so protected.
I have legally shot and killed hundreds of Canada Geese in Canada.
Title: Re: I saw... - A THING.
Post by: Bee Happy on July 06, 2013, 02:37:25 pm

And then those lovely Canada Geese - protected and prolific - ... - Those pretty birds who would never be a Christmas dinner...
Not so protected.
I have legally shot and killed hundreds of Canada Geese in Canada.
My mistake: I got that impression from a Canadian who I asked why they didn't eat them, and he said "As an American, would you eat a Bald Eagle?"