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Title: Questions For Those Who Use Rub 'n Buff On Their Candles
Post by: JackInCT on January 15, 2011, 12:16:02 pm
My question is for those candle makers who use (or have attempted to use) AMACO's Rub ‘n Buff product on their beeswax candles.  And specifically my question is for those who have candle molds that create a raised embossed type design on their finished candle (I suppose that technically speaking the design would be called a “bas-relief” type end result).

My questions are, (1) is it really possible without having superior fine motor skills to apply the rub ‘n buff (using the tip of your finger technique) onto the raised design without having some degree of smearing onto the recessed surface areas, & (2) the directions state that the rub ‘n buff can be, when dry, “polished” [with something like a soft cloth]; no way do I see any, at all, difference when I buff, i. e., the buffing, even when I rub fairly hard, does nothing to the areas (re creating a “sheen”/etc.) where I have applied it [the product has dried onto the candle just as if I had put paint on it).

So is anyone getting different results, and if so, how?

And are there alternative craft products that would work better re making the design stand out (as well as more suited to being applied ONLY where I want it)?