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Title: Going Away this weekend - again :)
Post by: beemaster on May 23, 2005, 09:00:26 pm
Well... We are going to try again THIS weekend (last trip about a month ago rained for 4 days - ugh) and this one (long range forecast) looks as poor as the past trip, but we'll see when it gets here.

This time, we head a bit further south to Ocean City, NJ about 1.25 hours during normal driving - 3 hours on Memorial Day Weekend traffic going South past Atlantic City and nearly half way from there toward Cape May.

This is in keeping with my pledge to stay within driving distance of emergencies at home with my ailing Mom - worse case scenario, we are close enough to get home quickly. The August trip to Watkins Glen, NY will be a guy trip and Tracey will be home to help Mom out :)

This trip to Oceanview Resort will be another friends gathering, lots of cards and Sunday I'll have a small birthday party for my lovely wife (a day early, but the gathering will be ideal - I hope the weather holds out) we can comfortably sit 6 people, but as long as it isn't rainng and too windy, we can have the party outside under the awning.

I'll be around until Thursday afternoon - then spend the evening packing and we leave early Friday. I think all the issues with the server/routers/system, whoever is the problem or willing to take blame, is solved.

I haven't seen any down time, so I think we are okay now!

So, off to watch the finally of 24 - talk again soon.