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Title: Bud2---April 23-26 2010---47 Pictures
Post by: JP on April 27, 2010, 12:18:56 am
The gathering was a hit folks, wish you all could have been there. We had a pretty good turn out, about 3 x what we had last year.

It was such a pleasure meeting new & familiar faces. I got there Friday night late, around 11:30.

Saturday we did two cut outs, one was the infamous speaker box bees I've had (had) on my back porch for the last three yrs & one was in a styrofoam medical ice chest my buddy Bailey brought down with him.

We had a lot of partcipation on both removals, and the bees for the most part were pretty darn cooperative.

Each colony had drawn pretty straight comb sections and each had some very good honey.

We did the speaker box in Bud's barn where he keeps all of his langstroth and top bar equipment.

Did Bailey's ice chest at Bud's house.

There were several different types of wine to be enjoyed as well as mead, everything of course, home made and brought in by different members.

We barbecued a ton of pork (the other white meat, Peggy!  :-D) we ate off of for most the weekend.

Sunday, Alan Bukley did grafting or was it Saturday evening, I forget.

We also did another removal from one of Bud's swarm traps, but not before they decided to swarm!

What would a gathering at Bud's be like without a swarm?

Now, remember my post about tanging Macon, Mississippi style? Bud was in top form and was a steady shootin' at this here swarm filling the air all around us.

The swarm looked like it was going to land right on Brendhan, no kidding!

It decided to land on a tree branch overhead up about 20'. That's when the hippy turned redneck real quick, steadying my 17' ladder on an ice chest in the back of Scott's (hardwood) truck.

Y'all should have seen Brendhan up there takin' stings to the face after that swarm. He did real good too, catchin' the queen not once but twice. I'll let him tell that story!  :-D

Later on I took John and Josh fishing and I swear you'd think those two were two young kids cuttin' up in that boat! John caught three bass but Josh caught the big one and made sure John knew about it!

There's a few people in particular I really enjoyed meeting and just wanted to say how much it was my pleasure: Ken, Jen and Josh, Hankdog and Shasta, Bruce Schawee, Michelle, Mike Holland and last but not least Ted, TWT.

I know I'm leaving some out but hey, I sure enjoyed the time we had.

I want to especially thank Bud for hosting the get together and making us all feel so welcome. You are the man Bud and we all love you Big Daddy!

Pics: (

Title: Re: Bud2---April 23-26 2010---47 Pictures
Post by: beee farmer on April 27, 2010, 01:02:50 am
My contribution to pictures (
Title: Re: Bud2---April 23-26 2010---47 Pictures
Post by: Kathyp on April 27, 2010, 01:10:12 am
looks like you all had a great time. 
Title: Re: Bud2---April 23-26 2010---47 Pictures
Post by: Buzzen on April 30, 2010, 10:09:36 pm
Nice bunch of pics, looks like fun!
Title: Re: Bud2---April 23-26 2010---47 Pictures
Post by: JP on May 01, 2010, 01:23:44 am
We had a terrific time! This forum has been a real blessing, sure have met some fine folks because of it.

Gonna meet Annette on May 12! She's coming to New Orleans.