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Title: My House
Post by: bassman1977 on January 23, 2010, 09:32:01 am
I don't recall ever posting on this particular section before.  I'd like to share some of my experiences from my house.  I'll just do a story at a time.

First, a little history.  I live in an area completely surrounded by farm land owned by my wife's grandparents.  The house was built in the mid-1970s.  Obviously not exactly a house you would consider haunted, but this property has some history to it and in the seven years that I have been living here, I have seen and heard things that would make anyone stop and wonder.  The property was part of the Underground Railroad, has seen murders (mostly migratory workers), and also was part of an Indian reservation (don't ask what tribe, I have no idea).

The latest event happened around late September or early October.  The leaves had only started to fall.  I was having a hard time sleeping that night.  It was about 2:00 AM so I got out of bed and went outside to have a smoke with my dog Sally.  I was outside for about 2 minutes.  Sally was sitting next to me when all of a sudden I hear some rustling noise coming out of the small patch of woods in front of the house.  At this point, I am just thinking squirrel.  Next, I hear this THUD and what sounded like branches crushing.  That kind of peaked my curiosity a bit and now I'm thinking deer.  I look at Sally and she looks at me with a look of "what was that?".  About 20 or 30 seconds go by and I'm looking in the corner of the woods where I heard the noise when all of a sudden this glowing white body runs out of the woods from the right side of the corner and runs right back into the woods. The glow was bright, the body was definitely large and human sized.  Sally was on alert at this point, not running into the woods, although I suspect she would have if she wasn't thrown off guard as much as I was.  Once the glowing body ran back into the woods...everything was silent again.

My wife has told me that she has heard the voices of children playing in the yard sometimes after a light rain so I am pretty sure that the outside of our house is just as active as the inside.  I've always had an weird feeling about being out there at night but this was the first time I've ever seen anything outside in person.  It was pretty neat actually.  I've seen enough on the inside that it doesn't even phase me any more.

Now that I told that story, I hope you guys don't call the funny farm to come pick me up.   :shock:
Title: Re: My House
Post by: Brian D. Bray on January 24, 2010, 05:32:54 pm
Lost spirits, those who fail to pass over to the other side, will usually stay in close proximity to where they died.  Most often they experience a tramatic death (the reason they're lost?) and relive moments of their life pertinent to their death over and over again.  Under the right circumstances these spirits can be viewed reliving those events.

My own theory is that the viewability of the spirits is closely associated with the electomagnetic fields of the earth, including sun spot activity.
Title: Re: My House
Post by: bassman1977 on January 24, 2010, 10:15:41 pm
Under the right circumstances these spirits can be viewed reliving those events.

Ahh yes...and that leads me into my next experience...

I've been living in this house for about 9 years (wow...has it really been that long already?!?).  This particular experience occurred about a year or two after I moved here.  I had already had plenty of experiences at this point, starting from my first evening visiting with who is now my wife.  Well, I was in the living room doing whatever and all of a sudden, I saw this shadow.  Very distinct in that you could tell was a man, well built standing about 5' 10" or so.  You couldn't see any real features, like facial details or anything like that...he was just a dark shadow.  I initially saw him for probably what lasted about 10 or 15 seconds even though it seemed like minutes.  He was acting scared.  Almost as if he was peaking out from behind a tree.  Well, I would see him fairly often for the next month.  Always acting scared and seemingly hiding.  I would see him in our hallway leading towards the back of the house, and if I remember correctly, I saw him in our kitchen as well.  The last time I saw him, I was getting ready to take a shower.  It was late morning, maybe 11:00 or so on a weekend.  I was about to get into the shower when through the wall to my right, this guy runs into the bathroom, takes one or two strides, and then out the wall to my left.  This spirit or whatever you want to call it, literally ran within inches of me.  That was the last I saw of him.

I have no records of who has been killed on this property and it's probably a safe bet that since many were murders, there aren't any, but I would guess that what I saw here was a runaway slave or someone associated with the Underground Railroad in one way or another.
Title: Re: My House
Post by: Brian D. Bray on January 26, 2010, 10:59:17 pm
If a person was killed in an open or forested area they will roam over an area the equivilant of several square city blocks and be seen both inside of and outside of buildings if the buildings were built after the tramatic death of the ghost.  If a person were killed inside of a building they will limit themselves to the confines of that building, the viewable instances seem to be higher for dwelling hauntings.  If a ghost was killed in a building that was later torn down the ghost will graviate towards either the next nearest building or any building that replaces the original structure.

I've came to those conclusions from person observations.  In the latter case I knew of a murder in a building when I was a Police officer.  After the murder several people reported sightings of a ghost in the house and after a few years the house became abandoned.  It was later torn down and a Mall erected on the property, not the same exact sight as the house, and the ghost was then periodically seen walking the Mall.  I've seen this particular ghost as I managed a restuarant in the Mall for 10 years.                                                                                                               
Title: Re: My House
Post by: mick on January 29, 2010, 03:57:53 am
This is really one for me ole mate Beemaster.

Every thought, action is an electrical signal generated by the brain. Very small electrical signals, but they are transmitted outside the body. Just like some people seem to attract electrical static charges, whos to say some poeple cant process these signals that are in the ether and turn them into actual experiences?

Perhaps the brain can detect electricity that is so low that volt meters cant detect.

All things that were science fiction are almost all a reality now. I dont think there has been a study of electrical currents that leave the body at death. Science says that electrical energy is converted to heat at death and leaves the body. Perhaps your memory is expelled at death as electrical signals that just waft about and can be detected by some other brains?

Theres a Nobel prize in there for someone.