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Post by: beemaster on October 16, 2008, 11:27:13 pm
Hi Everyone:

As suggested by Shawn, this forum is here to accomplish in photos and a few words what often is covered in many forums, but often not shown definitively. That is, what does a perfect frame of honey look like, or how about a photo of a queen emmerging from her cell, or examples of the best and the worst of each end of the spectrum of beekeeping.

Please supply your photos, explain what we are seeing and why it is a GREAT example of what SHOULD be happening or a  REAL WORLD EXAMPLE of the poor end of how something should look. Through photos we can see the difference easily and spot how we are doing in building up a hive, spinning out honey, properly capturing a swarm, or the flip side, what happens why all heck breaks loose and THIS is the result.

With all photos, please post a description of the good, bad and ugly of the photo - why it is perfect of how it failed miserably.

NOTE Not all photos will be kept here, we will be sorting them and creating a database of idea photos and description - some photos will be moved (and if they are a link will be added to the photo) to another more fitting forum. Don't take offense to having photos moved, the object is to create a pictoral of beekeeping that really shows the best methods and results, not all photos ESPECIALLY AS TIME GOES BY will continually exemplify the best. But as this forum grows, we will grow in knowing that members will see images that they should strive for in their own beeyard.

Thanks all for your assistance in making this forum grow and feel free to copy any previous images and text from elsewhere that you feel REALLY NAILS the correct method or results - if it isn't your post that you are copying (after all we have nearly 6 years of posts and images now) please credit the original author for material here.