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Title: Joined Art Bell's Subscription
Post by: beemaster on January 08, 2005, 12:40:00 am
Many of you never heard of Art Bell or Coast to Coast AM radio - but Art is a radio talkshow host who I have followed for many years, but a few years ago he started charging for his online feed which is syndicated early morning LIVE on many AM Radio stations, but his programs are archived on the net in hi-bandwidth format, along with a BBS using the same PHPBB software we use here.

The content is about all strange things that go bump in the night - ETs, Ghosts, OBE, Paranormals, UFOs, Conspiracies, Orbs, alien abductions, all kinds of neat stuff.

The subscription was a gift from my Mom, so how can I beat that :) It is a years subscription and they have 3 months content archived, plus the last 30 days in MP3 for burning and listening to on my portable CD player and most importantly - all commercials have been edited out, so it's all program and no sales pitch.

Any way, I wanted to say - they have over 2700 members and only a handful of articles more than our forum does. Relatively speaking, we have a MUCH more active membership - and Art Bell has a nightly audience of MILLIONS of listeners on Radio and tens of thousands on the Net.

So, now I have some more spookie stuff to base my bizarre thought patterns on - lol. You know who, help us all :)