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Title: Dreams
Post by: wayne on November 16, 2007, 09:49:47 pm
 Over the years I have had some things happen in my dreams that stand out.
 I've had less than half a dozen dreams that seemed so real I remember the texture of objects and the smell of things. Some have wakened me from sleep. While most haven't come to pass a couple have, and when they did I was to say the least surprised.
 And for years my dreams have included a strange woman. Almost a girl that will appear as often in the backround as anywhere else. Many times as little more than a glimpse.
It's almost like I catch someone watching me as I dream. 
  Yes I know I'm nuts. But is anyone else?
Title: Re: Dreams
Post by: Brian D. Bray on November 16, 2007, 10:49:22 pm
Here is my take one dreams, after many different and exotic experiences within them.

1. Dreams help us solve problems.  Other dreamers will occasionally visit our dreams to assist us and visa versa. 
2. Dreams can act like warnings or precognitions in that they are an indicater of what could have been.  This is where De javu comes from--it was in a dream that told us if this event occured as dreamed or happened differently at that point in time we get the De javu feeling then we did/didn't what the event to happen.
3. I've had dreams in several languages, depending on where I'm at.  The most recent event was just 2 weeks ago and it was in Chinook Jargon, a NW Indian trade Language that is primarily limited to specific cites in BC Canada and Oregon.  I was in Portland, Oregon at the time of the dream.  I've also had dreams in Japanese, Turkish, Tugolog, and Spanish as well as English.  You have to have a knowledge of the language in order to have a dream in it.
4. Some dreams are actually personal revelation: see number 1 above.

There are more, but that's enough for most to chew on for now. 
Title: Re: Dreams
Post by: abejaruco on November 18, 2007, 04:16:00 pm
Dreams are really the dark side of the moon. My dreams are the continuation of the day. If I am losing the control of my live during the day, I lose the control during my dreams and I have nightmares. If everything is under control I have happy dreams.
Once you (or I) have the control, if that were possible (that´s a daily conquest if you have a complicated job), you can learn to control your dreams too. Very difficult.

I had a dream.  I carried a blanket to a prisoner into the jail. It was a clear dream, I was impressed. I knew to that prisoner. 12 months later I had another dream. The prisoner going out of the jail. And he went out two months later. :)

I have had another dream any weeks ago. The police was spying on me. :shock: What an unnice dream! I could see the police´s face. I´m not sure if I will be visited by the police in any months. :jail: :-D
Title: Re: Dreams
Post by: Scadsobees on November 19, 2007, 09:55:28 am
Last week I had a dream of a huge feral beehive full of honey in a large cavity that would have been very easy to get to!!!

Freud would have a hayday with that one :shock:...but was just about bees. :-D

Title: Re: Dreams
Post by: Cindi on November 19, 2007, 10:47:15 am
Eeeks!!! day I will have a nice one.  My dreams are terror filled -- they always surround me trying to do something, but I cannot do it, for one reason or another.  Oh brother.  Like the other night, after supper my dog was not feeling too well, he puked inside the house near the door.  Ich, thank goodness I didn't have to clean it up  :roll: ;) :( :).  Then that night I had a dream that I had to take him to the vet cause he was really sick.  I couldn't find my shoes.  All I could find was mis-matches of everyone elses, and they were all too small, so I couldn't put any on.  I didn't get to go to vet with Kooder, and woke up, crying.  Figure that one.  Hee, hee.   Have a wonderful and great day, love this life we live.  Cindi
Title: Re: Dreams
Post by: Kathyp on November 19, 2007, 12:39:44 pm feel all the responsibility for everyones care and you are afraid (in your dreams) that you won't be up to it??  :-)

learning to program dreams is worthwhile.  not only can you use the skill for problem solving, you can write some nifty stories while you are at it.  the end always comes easier in dreams.   ;)

i am a fan of melatonin.  it great for travel and one of the side benefits is that it can give you really vivid dreams.  unfortunately, the effect seems to wear down over time if you take it every night.  if you are reading a good book, you can fall right into the story when you go to sleep.  it's kind of cool!
Title: Re: Dreams
Post by: wayne on November 19, 2007, 05:57:23 pm
  Most if the time my dreams are like an interactive video. I can change things and re-wind them if I want. I sleep very light anyway, more like a meditation, than real sleep.
  I can even use them to work on projects I have going, thinking through them. But there are some that get away from me.
  The most recent that came true WAS about a bee tree. The tree was down and the hive very easy to remove. A week later I got the call. Just as I saw it. The bees are in the yard now.
  But there are some that I pray are only dreams.
Title: Re: Dreams
Post by: Cindi on November 20, 2007, 10:28:19 am
Kathy, now that was interesting thoughts.  You know me, I am a caregiver......of everything...oh brother.

When I have a problem, or someone needs some really important advice on something....I never help them immediately.  I generally tell them to let me sleep on it....the night time full of sleep always makes me wake up with a different perspective on things.  This is good.  It makes me feel good that now and then I am leaned on for some valuable advice, always with that thought in mind, that it is only advice.

Kathy, I recall you speaking of melatonin and your travelling and the dreams it imparts.  I do use melatonin now and then, my preference is to take it sublingually, works better.  Yes, it does trigger some pretty wild dreams, interesting eh?  Best of this beautiful day, wonderful health wishes.  Cindi