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I've seen several suspicious looking posts on several threads recently, where a new member posts a few sentences which are barely related to the topic on an older thread and embeds a link to another completely unrelated website in the post.  It seems to me these people are clearly just posting links to get commission kickback from people clicking on the links and/or they are hoping to boost the linked webpage in search results.  Based on the forum's hardline stance on not allowing advertising, I'm wondering why these posts and members aren't deleted.  I'm not at all trying to take a shot at the moderators here, I think they do a fabulous job, but I just see a mismatch between the bylaws and posters' behavior here and I'm curious why that is.       

You are probably seeing them before I see them.
When I see someone advertising, especially a first post, I delete the post and then usually ban that member. Most of the time they only come on BeeMaster to advertise.
I also get emails requesting that I put company links on BeeMaster and I always decline and send them a copy of the bylaws.
If you see a post with advertising on it, except as authorized by the bylaws, please pm me and I will remove it. You can also click on the report to moderator and I will receive it.
Jim Altmiller

Okay, great.  I'll be sure to report any more that I see.  Thanks, Jim. 


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