Cognitive 4 minutes after decapitated??

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I was reading Brian's Turkey post and remembered reading a book (based on scientific facts although fiction) it dealt with a man's last 4 minutes of cognitive thought.

He had been hung in one life and decapitated in another - each death left his head intact, but his body dead and as he slowly faded from no oxygen, his brain still thought and rationalized and slowly he went from thought to a dream like state until nothingness.

It was interesting reading his observations, only things relative to his head could he relate to, he could hear and understand sound and speech and felt trapped like no other claustrophobic you can imagine as he waited for real death to finally come.

I know there have been extreme cases of hypothermia where drowning victims went without oxygen for 30 minutes or more, but the cold slowed down everything and often minimal damage was done.

I said "based on scientific facts" and according to the author, brainwaves continued even though the body was severed in animal testing, he fictionalized accounts of dying and said (in his opinion) the only 3 ways to die immediately are 1) having your head smashed 2) electrocution and 3 a good head-shot that disrupted electronic signals within the brain.

I know I've mentioned Zombie stories where they could "think" during the time of dying and oxygen starvation (nasty Zombies hell-bent on shooting back at you, jumping in a car and running over you, etc..) I just wonder, during heart attack/death, do you lie there thinking "well this sucks" for 4 minutes trying to communicate and having to come to the realization that you are mere minutes from death, or is it over and done with then???

And if you DID have conscious thought for that short time, would you spend it on Fox-hole religion if you are a non believer? Or just prayer that if this IS your time and please open the door cause I'm coming home?

there are well documented surgical accounts that will make you scream in your head just thinking about them.

2 part anethetics...part 1 keeps you from moving (or screaming) works fine.....part 2 that is supposed to keep you from feeling anything fails.  i know some awful machine shop accident stories....but this kind of "silent scream" takes the cake.

at least if your head is chopped off you know you only have a short time (even if it feels long).


OK, ya'll are creeping me out!


b reeves:
I dont think electrocution is a quick way to exit  :shock:

I think electrocution is the FASTEST WAY to kill the brain, short circuiting everything out at the first jolt. Is it ugly and does the body look like it is going through Hell, definitely. But I think I'd take lethal injection (if it is just like anesthesia) but electrocution would be up toward the top, especially over firing squad, hanging and beheading - just in case we do hang around a bit.

The last quicky option was having your head squooshed, which might be good for you but the loved ones might have issues with it. I've never had a suicidal thought, but I did fantasize once on a classic way to off one's self: ducktape  two grenades to your head, climb a 200 foot water tower, jump and pull the pins - going out like fireworks on the way down. Related to this topic, that might not be a bad way to go  :cheer:


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