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THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Home Made Sling
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 06:19:49 pm »
Nice.  I like that lack of metal to scratch.  I have a take down Savage 99 which doesn't have enough wood in the forestock to put a swivel.  It has a scope, so maybe I could make something like this that goes around the barrel but is tight enough not to block the scope...

Here's my single shot "assault rifle" that I took deer hunting this last year.  It's light enough to not need a sling.  It qualifies as an assault rifle in several states due to the thumbhole stock.

DISEASE & PEST CONTROL / Re: Did my hive die of Hive Beetles?
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 05:47:17 pm »
I don't see SHB larvae.  They squirm and move.  Honey bee larvae seem to be immobile (though they are really slowly rotating in the bottom of the cell).  Generally SHB don't kill a healthy strong colony.  Though I admit colonies that might have turned around before SHB came along, sometimes get taken out.  But it is generally a weak hive that gets hit with SHB larvae.
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 05:42:07 pm »
Proof that no external measurements mean anything:
Once the ambient temperature is above 93F even if they are in the shade, and if it is close to that and they are in the sun, the bees are no longer ventilating, they are cooling.  They haul more water and evaporate more water.  Opening things up more is like leaving the door open with the air conditioner running...
I have always figured the bees know what they are doing.  If they did cap some that were too old when they started, they will get rid of them later.

The experts on emergency cells:
My current favorite is an uncapping plane.  Much easier on my wrist than the knife.  For fully drawn plastic (Honey Super Cell and PermaComb) I often have to use a punch.  I just got all the fixings for a steam knife.  I might like that better.  One thing that improved any of the heated plane and knife configurations was a foot switch so I can turn it off between frames so it doesn't scorch.  My hands are too messy to be plugging and unplugging it all the time...
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 05:31:41 pm »
>Keep your masks tight. This stinks.

The mask won't keep the smell out any better than it stops viruses.  I'll pass on the mask.

It is shocking to me to talk to people in Canada where everything is shut down.  They can't get a haircut.  We never shut down here... and I have only rarely seen anyone with a mask in the last few months.
>Destroyed all the empty cups just in case.

Queen cups mean nothing--absolutely nothing.  No point wasting time destroying them.  Queen cells mean something (a cup with a larva in it) but still probably don't require intervention unless you think they are genuinely swarming and not superseding or in an emergency.  If they are building up rapidly and there are queen cells and they tend to be all different ages, then I would split.
"Plans are neither successful nor unsuccessful until they are executed.  And a successful execution of a plan is more important than the plan itself. I was trained to expect the plan to need revision at the moment execution starts."--Colin Powel, "It worked for me."
BOOKS and AUDIOBOOKS / Re: Honeybee Democracy
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 05:23:14 pm »
>Apparently Michael Bush agrees since I
see two copies of Idiot's on his shelf.  :wink:

Yes.  I agree.  I noticed they dropped Dean and Ramona from the author slot in the latest version, so I'm not sure what is in it now...
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