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Author Topic: Rubles Vs Dollars for Energy: ??  (Read 246 times)

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Rubles Vs Dollars for Energy: ??
« on: May 26, 2022, 02:45:31 am »
Rubles Vs Dollars and Euros for Energy.

"Russia just escalated its war against the west cutting off gas supplies to two European nations that refuse to pay Russias way. Facing crippling sanctions Russian president Vladimir Putin recently demanded  European Nations pay for gas exports  in rubles.  In an apparent effort to boost the home currency

Nations typically pay in Euros and Dollars, and when Poland and Bulgaria refused to make the switch, Russian energy company gasprom shut off the natural gas valves.  The European Commission Chief blasted Russias' move to use gas as blackmail and said to the EU is working on contingency plans. "Our response will be immediate, United, and coordinated" But the  27 nation block is left 'shaken'; And Bloomberg  is reporting some  countries have caved and made Ruble payments to avoid getting cut off. It's possible paying in rubles violates EU sanctions but as reliant as the EU is on Russian energy, gas is just one more weapon in Russias war on Ukraine."

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