Birds and Bees, Sharp Eyes and Other Papers - John Burroughs

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Hey Cindi,

Bet you thought I forgot ;)  Well, finally found the picture.  It was taken in 1974 when I was 6.  It was inside slabsides and shows the hive my dad was using to remove the bees.

Rob, oh you blow my mind!!!  I kid you not, yes, I had forgotten that I had forgotten that you had forgotten to get a picture from your Mum of that place, so long, look at you, what a cute little boy, are you still that cute little dude?  I bet you are, but just a few years older  :-D ;) :) :) :)

Lovely picture Rob, look at the old furniture made of wood like that.  You are an amazing man, and I thought that you had forgotten to get the pic from that beautiful woman, your Mother.....Pictures like that make my heart swell.  It takes me back to a place in time where I spent alot of wonderful time.  On my Grandmother's farm, her house was built by my Grandfather, from the timber on their land, it was a log house, in the most basic form, built by this great man.  Newspaper was used for insulation between any cracks that may have shown through, it was a big house, one level, and the ability to remember this, that too makes my heart swell.  Have that beautiful day, the day of the celebration of Father's, one of the greatest days of the year, and smile, all day long.  Cindi


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