Laptop/windows 10 issue


I have a Gateway laptop that is a few years old.  It was running windows 7 pro and when 10 came out I switched to try it before switching anything else.  It was running fine last I used it, which has been months.

Today I plugged in, powered up, and it just cycled through the Gateway screen.  Could not enter setup, or even turn it off.  Had to pull the battery.

So...I know I have heard about this issue before, but can't seem to find a solution online that fits.

any ideas??

Pulling the battery seems to have done the trick.  I'll leave this in case it happens to someone else.  I did leave out battery off for a while. 


--- Quote from: kathyp on December 27, 2017, 04:53:46 pm ---any ideas??

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LMAO  The apple solution is to buy a new device when they control your device.  This is supported by Trump so just succumb to the gods and buy a new computer.  From windows 10 on you do not control the device.  It is a new government.  Just play stupid and do what they want.


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