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« on: March 22, 2006, 09:36:04 am »
Ever needed Acrobat distiller to create PDFs?  With OpenOffice you can export directly to PDF, but what about all those other programs that you would like to create PDFs from?  This can be done with acrobat distiller (offering a "PDF"-printer), but Acrobat Distiller costs a lot.  PDFCreator is an open source alternative, and I once had both acrobat distiller and PDFCreator installed on the same computer, and for my use, I preferred PDFCreator even if I had both.  



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« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2006, 10:13:44 am »
Hi E!

That's why I created this forum, I now have about 10 programs which are all FREE (not just trials) in my computer that MATCH or BETTER programs that I have seen on the shelves for hundreds of dollars - that is amazing to me.

I surely hope more and more people find and post programs, I'd love to see a full collection of great software in all categories here - an Online shelf of great programs to turn our computers into screamin' machines.

Not to mention, having similar software is a great bonding method - I have shared software with coworkers (mostly shareware or freeware stuff like this) and when we have project ideas (work related and personal) I can be of much better help to them because I'm familiar with the software. As I mentioned before (in this everything is relative world) I am the computer guru - lol.

Thanks for this post - I'm looking for a good form maker program to redo all our charts at work, including log sheets,  building lite-off and secure check-off sheets etc.. Papers (that at the end of the day) we an submit with a professional look rather than a hand-filled mess.

The Open-office program is great too - I think it is a wonderful program and I know you will see interactive slide productions here eventually using some of its many features.

HECK.... I'm tickled to have a spell-checker on my toolbar now - you just will never know how embarrassing it is to write one of my epic-novelettes and later find I had 23 spelling errors  :roll:  ruins a totally wonderful day when I jump up to a 6 on the stupid scale  :oops:
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