what should i do?

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Just looked in one of the hives we have and it was very full, i noticed that there was brood in the top super (there are 2 supers), not sure how that happened. I remember in the early spring i removed a few frames form the brood and replaced them with foundation to prevent swarming i am wondering if a queen was moved with those frames though i remember making sure no bees were on the frames i moved to the super. What should i do???

are you talking about brood in a honey super, or brood in a second box below the honey supers? 

the bottom box - is the brood box where the queen resides, it has an exculder on top and i have 2 supers on top of that, the top super is where i have found the young bees

well not young bees but larva

by young bees, you mean brood?

is there brood in the bottom also?

a couple of things could have happened.

the queen might be small enough to go through.  

if you moved frames, did you put them above the excluder?  if so, and there were eggs on that frame, they may have made another queen.

if you have two queens, you can make a split and have another hive.  if the queen is moving up and laying, you might as well take out that excluder. all it will do is trap drones.

you can take out the excluder and just let them do what they want to do.  a two queen hive is not a bad thing.

you can put the excluder above and put honey supers on top.

whatever has happened, it doesn't sound like the end of the world.  you just have to figure it out and decide how you want to handle it.


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