Collecting a feral hive

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G'day all,

I'm collecting a feral hive tomorrow out of someone's compost bin. I am planning on putting it into a hive box I was left with to put a swarm in. The box either does or did have a small queenless swarm in it that has dwindled down to almost nothing. I have not seen the feral yet, but from the description there are at least couple of combs involved.

What is the best way of transferring the combs into a frame? I assume I should use a wired frame with no foundation? The combs I have gathered in the past have been very soft, is this typical?

Any recommendations on how best to approach the job?


I'm not sure what you mean by a "wired" frame without foundation.  If you thinking of the normal wire holes in a frame to run the wires through then no I wouldn't do that.  Those holes are in the center of the frame thickness-wise which would keep you cutout combs from being in the center of the frame.  Just use a frame without foundation and use rubber bands or string to tie the cutout combs in place. 

Have fun.

look in the bee removal section.  you'll find some examples of how to tie comb into frame and lots of info on doing removals.  when you have read that stuff, you might  have more questions :-)  ask away.

take pictures!!!!!

Yeah Phil take pitchers.. we cant stand others having fun when we're not.

Errr should your next post be on that thread started by Mick from your neck of the woods when he had to cool his goolies over a tinnie of VB :shock: :shock:


By the way use an empty frame and lie it down on something flat with some string running lengthwise under it, put in your comb and tie the string over the top. That helps hold the comb in place while you get rubber bands on it

Thanks Slicko,

I was wondering about that step. I found it a bit messy the first time I tried to get the comb in place.

I sure hope I don't end up needing the tinnies. Luckily I don't react to bee stings like my wife does. Her foot is still swollen and sore 3 days later. At least I dont react to a sting on the arm like that, multiple stings to the aggates may be a different story though!  :-X



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