What is your favorite veggie to grow?

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Horns Pure Honey:
I would have to say my favorite veggie this year to grow would be green snapping beans. I love all the things I grow but for some reason I have craved green beans since last growing season. I love growing them but hate picking them and snapping them. bye

I love eating green beans.  I have to say tomatoes cause I think they are more of a challenge.  I like trying different things with different verities, seeing what works good.  Back home we used to compete on who could get their tomatoes to ripen first.  I also like corn, but then, anything I can eat while I'm out. I mean a person could starve walking from our house to the barn,  :shock:  my garden is my oasis.

Tomatoes are my thing. I've spent 3 years finding the right varieties for my area and get them started indoors late in March.  I give alot of plants away every spring, I start probably 66% more than I can use.  But everyone loves the plants.  

I had a groundhog eating all my beans last year. I'll try again this time.

Cucumbers are also my favorites. Lots of pickles around here.

I'm a pepper guy.  From hots to sweet and everything in between.
If we weren't so soil challenged here in the mountains, I would be growing a lot more stuff.

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I'm a giant pumpkin grower myself. Been at it 9 years now, and still learn something new each year. It's amazing to see growth spirts of 25 pounds per day for a couple weeks. My personal best so far is 1150 pounds, but keeping fingers crossed to hit the 1200 pound mark this summer. Steve


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