Sword of Damocles

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Really everybody has a sword of Damocles above the head. We are happy because we can´t see it.

Well, this is not a sword, it is a nice and useful snake that clean the orchade. And my son is not Damocles, just the opposite, the happiness

Neat photo!  I like snakes, provided they're not the poisonous type.  Now my sister in law, she's absolutely terrified of them - but she's Philippine, and she says all snakes are poisonous!  Poor thing is frightened to death of them - she's got garter snakes in her garden, and now that she knows that, she won't weed it!  I've tried to tell her they won't harm her, but it's no use.  The fear is drilled into them young, as they truly do have some nasty poisonous snakes there!  :shock:

   I LIKE the pic. :-D

   Where I was raised in Minnesota we had zero poisonous snakes.  My brothers and I grew up around them and have no fear but a healthy respect.  They can bite real hard, it's even more insulting when you get a chewer.  When I went active duty in '76 I spent most of the rest of my life down south or overseas.  Overseas I went to areas that said if you see a serpent KILL IT NOW!  In West Germany no worries as well as the United Kingdom.  I had a game warden, who saw my paranoia, in South Carolina teach me how to tell from a distance whether it is poisonous or nonpoisonous, except coral snakes. 

      This past spring we found a baby king snake in one corner of the carport and young two copperheads in another.  Our neighbor found four under his old pickup that he decided to fix.  Two copperhead came after the kids who made it belly up.  The rest were caught and taken to the state.  The king was left to fend for itself.  It has grown and resides under our shed as of two weeks ago.

Sorry I forgot where I was going with this

I don't kill snakes, I like them, all of them. They don't mess with us unless we mess with them or we step on them. I don't get why people hate them, but a lot of people do.

Sincerely, JP

Hey JP, have you noticed that some people who hate snakes are also afraid of bees?
your friend,


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