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Title: Facebook GROUP Question - adding members problem??
Post by: beemaster on October 16, 2011, 07:17:38 pm
ISSUE WITH FACEBOOK - MAYBE??? Anyone else have a GROUP like Beemaster here on Facebook? I don't know why the following happens: I'll read "Jane doe and 4 others wish to join" or "Jane Doe and John Smith and Jack Williams wish to join" BUT!!! I only will see one or two of several of the names to add. There is just no add button for some of the names it says wants to join.

In the last month, I'll bet 30% or more names listed did NOT have a add to Group button for me to push on. ANYONE ELSE see this happen?? I watch the numbers, and they only go up by the people I actually can click add to group - I'm a bit puzzled?

BTW.... 454 members as of today :) cool.