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Title: Webmasters, opinions needed.
Post by: bee-nuts on September 06, 2011, 03:14:26 pm
Hey webmasters, Im re-doing my website and would appreciate some opinions and advice.  Id like to see your work than pm you my web address.  Im color blind to an extent so I can never be sure my website does not look like I have a rainbow bumper sticker on my car so I dont want to show the world till I know its ok.  Ive been messing around with a website for a few years and consider my skill set just passable.  My biggest issue is with the graphic design part.  Kind of hard to do when you cant see the full color spectrum.  

For you who dont understand what color blind is, color blind means I cant see all colors, or some look like another color to me.  For example bright orange looks blood red to me, purple and blue I cant tell apart much of the time, ect.  Some people are really bad and can only see white, black, and different shades of gray inbetween.  The world is not color blind friendly at all.  Color blind people have much more limited employment opportunity.  Better hunters, snipers, and maybe queen hunters if not cordovan.