Do you plant for your bees?

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Anyone in the Southeast or South Central climate zones plant crops / flowers specifically for your bees? I?m interested in what you are using and how you like it, small or large scale. I?m going to be planting sunflowers and misc perennials around my hives, but I also have some land that is not currently in ag use, and I?m considering a larger crop of plant specifically for the bees.

My picture on this site shows me in a field of Lemon Queen Sunflowers planted for Bees and everyone's pleasure, they are next to a road and I always get lots of comments.  There is about 1/2 acre in Sunflowers.

I put in a few sourwood trees and blueberries. I would like to find some flaming sumac to plant in the edge of the woods.

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--- Quote from: AustinB on May 09, 2021, 06:57:53 pm ---small or large scale.

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I wouldn?t bother with worrying what to plant in  ?small? scale, ie backyard setting as it will make zero difference for the bees. It?s the other way round and bees will be a benefit for a backyard plants.

I?ve tried to have this conversation a time or two. I?ve emailed the bee supply shops around and tried to encourage folks to plant a summer blooming plant or two. The naysayers always say it won?t make a hill of beans. Sure, my 4 sourwood trees won?t do much, but if you talked with the people you knew in the area and over a few years planted 50, or 100 as a group effort, I?ve got to believe it will make a difference. I feel like I don?t have to plant 50 acres of something if I can talk a club into talking their neighbors into letting them plant a couple trees here and there. But that all depends on what kind of contacts you have in your area. If you could get a local nursery to start promoting certain plants, over time it will help.
I would focus on derth relief over pretty spring flowers.

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