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Hi all did an inspection today checking to see what stage the honey super is up to and i dont think there will be a harvest this year ,we still have two months of good weather left but the honey is only partially capped on most of the frames maybe next year ,
Anyway i want going to look at the brood box but thought while i am here i may as well ,lots of brood capped and larvea one frame seemed to have a heap of drone brood on it also found what i think is a superceedure cell so i got rid of that what was inside looked like a larvea but just looked like whitish fluid anyway its gone now , while inspecting the frames i managed for the first time see her majesty .
Now i believe i have carnolian bees not golden italians and the queen is not huge but she has a black abdomen , a lot of the queens i see have golden abdomens but hers was black no stripes like the others either she seems to be laying well and i have a lot of bees in the brood box plenty of pollen stores as well just about one whole frame anyway at least now i have seen her . 

When you find one supersedure cell, don?t remove it. Bees make supercedure cells when the queen is starting to fail. If you only have drone cells, especially in worker cells, that is an indication that she is at the end of her egg production.
Your bees are trying to save the hive before it is too late.
Jim Altmiller

Hi jim the drone cells seemed to be on one frame only plenty of of capped worker brood and also larvea at around the 6 day mark ,you may be right i dont really know but if i only see drone brood being the end of febuary i may be in trouble as i have heard that queen breeders dont breed after febuary here .

Well did an  inspection after 5 weeks honey super just about the same wasnt going to do a brood check but curiosity got the better of me lucky i did . Opened up the brood box 5 weeks ago had capped brood and larvea looking good this time nothing at all apart from some drone brood and very little of that .
Not one larvea at all so now panic sets in bees are very agro attack me like never before had a carpet of bees on the back of my suit from head to boots .

What do i do ? So i ring the breeder and ask if he has any queens left and thankfully he had 4 mated queens so i organized a time to meet him and jump on the scooter and away , gives me info on how to introduce the new queen so back on the scooter for the two hour ride home with queeny on board , thursday morning i put her into the brood box and was told to check again after 10 days ,now i don't know if i killed her whether she died or the bees got rid of her or if what i thought was a orintation flight was actually a swarm anyway fingers crossed this works or the hive is finished .

Looks like you were right jim when i cut out that cell the queen was either gone or dead and they were making a new one , i was suppose to do the inspection 2 weeks ago but other things came up im just glad im a nosey little boy or the hive would have been finished , fingers crossed all will go well , havent had much luck with this bee keeping adventure so far .

Edited to delete miss spelled cuss word.
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
Hang in there Crispy


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