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Hi all need some advice on this subject ,did a 5 week inspection on the hive the other day and the honey super has a number of frames that are going to be ready very soon ,now we are in mid january here in south australia which can be fairly hot at times and our winter will probably start around april may time when it wil get colder .

Should i harvest the honey from the honey super when it is capped or should i let it go for this season , the brood box has stores in above the brood as normal but just dont want the bees to run short of food.there are probably about 3 frames that are not going to be ready for at least what i think is about 8 weeks but the others are booming along with some partially capped already .  .

Location is everything.  You should only take advice from your next door neighbors.  The key factors are flows and dearths, how long they last.

Well i have to say i am most disapointed , this post has been looked at by numerous people and only one soul has replied thankyou acebird  . Is it a secret or something because i just cant understand why no one will give a new beek some advice who is coming into there first year of honey flow ,i do not have someone who can mentor me as to what i should do so im flying solo .

I am a back yard bee keeper in his first year a member of the s.a.a.a and someone who is trying hard to make this thing work . i get more advice and info from utube videos than from fellow bee keepers on this site which brings me to think is it really worth staying here, there are no local bee keeping clubs that i know of near where i live and that is why i put questions up      rant finished .

Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: Acebird on January 13, 2021, 08:32:55 am ---Location is everything.  You should only take advice from your next door neighbors.  The key factors are flows and dearths, how long they last.

--- End quote ---

I agree with Brian. Local help would be best as location matters. I will ask, are Small Hive Beetles a problem at your location or area?

Ben Framed:
Let me add, if your honey is capped, I would probably go ahead and extract. Do you still have a flow there or expect a goodly flow to follow? If so this information will depend on how much to extract and how much to leave for the bees. I am suggesting, if you expect a flow or not, in my personal opinion, go ahead and extract. Especially if SHB may be involved. Plus you can always feed sucrose syrup to replenish their needs. Honey is much more valuable than sugar, just be sure what your feed goes to the bees as you do not want sucrose honey. We only want it is a pure as absolutely possible. Sucrose is strictly for the bees consumption and betterment. Just My opinion. Some are sure to disagree but remember there are different ways that will work. Find the way that works best for you. Good luck and much honey to you Crispy!


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