EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Breaks His Silence On Eve Of Imprisonment


Ben Framed:
Roger Stone, in true form! Sic those crooks Mr Stone!! True Americans Love you Sir! We know the score!! God Bless you Sir......

Ben Framed:
Have the evil schemers  not learned anything? Roger Stone is Gods man now. I recall another story of evil schemers  who tricked the king into throwing Gods man into the lions den. God intervened! Daniel was protected by God and had a peaceful night sleeping with the lions! I wonder if he used one for a pillow? We know what happened next! The king, himself, the next morning, cried out into the lions den to Daniel, Oh Daniel has thy God delivered thee? Yes Oh King!  So The king had the evil Schemers thrown into the same lions den! The scammers and their families! As we know, the Lions had a feast! God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. Offenses will come,  but whoa by whom they do come!!


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