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From what propaganda has been released so far....all I know is that there is reasonable suspicion that the Biden family may have crossed a line.
That puts the President in a safe harbor asking for a new foreign government to look into what happened within its borders by a prior foreign government, particularly a prior foreign government that has a bad reputation.
It is the same as Pelosi and Schumer hiding behind the Constitution calling for investigating Trump once again while it is all too clear they seek gain for the Democratic Party.
The voting American public has as much as a right to know which candidate on either party's ballot line is in foul territory.

I can condone a bit of arm twisting to get the foreign government to cooperate, even Menendez' threat to withhold other funding (if true, I did not fact check that).

You can read it here.
The letter is by it's self not threatening, it was actions of said senators afterwards that some have a problem with.  Others defend arm twisting by politicians.

GWW, Trump is the only president in my or your lifetime that has, or died with, less money then when he was elected, so where is your personal benefits fantasy coming from?

Yes, Trump is a Billionaire.  He doesn't need to shake down anyone for money.

Ben Framed:
Gww where is the evidence? He said, he told me, As  I understand Mr so and so, and not only myself but so did so and so understand  the same thing I understood. Do you consider this proof? Ever since day one the far left has been hollering impeachment. For three years the obstructing has been going on and on and on Trump has to go. I do not know how he has managed to accomplish all that he has but  some how, some way, Mr Trump has made amazing improvements in America for Americans. The obstructing democrats have jobs to do but seem to focus on only one thing and one thing only, impeachment,  eliminating President Trump. This is known by watching all the leftest News, they have been obsessed! We have important issues that need to be attended to. All we get from the Democrats is impeach impeach impeach for THREE YEARS. Hard working Americans are fed up. Tell me please, What is the things that Mr Trump has accomplished that is such a thorn in the side to the left, concerning Mr Trump? Why does the left hate him so?


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