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Ben Framed:
And Taylor here is the star witness?? Your kidding Me!! Is President right? Have the Democrats went nuts? You decide.....


With all of the hype about this for however long it has been going on, most people would be totally embarrassed after this came out. They would then, if they had any morals, would stop this fraud and make a public apology to the president and to the people. Not our Democrats and not our media, they just act like they were right an start making up more fake attacks.
Notice that every one of these attacks are actually things that the Democrats have actually done and they did it in a far worst way. But what they did is ok.
Jim Altmiller

Michael Bush:
Yea.  Their star witness never talked to Trump, never overheard a conversation with Trump... but he has a lot of opinions and "impressions" about what happened.  No facts, of course and no eyewitness accounts to share.  Nothing that would be admitted in a court of law.

Jim Jorden is not an honest broker and the president is guilty and any one not believing that is looking closing their eyes to common sense.  Running around and trying to cherry pick one little part of the big picture to hang your hat on does not change the big picture.   Saying others did bad and so it is ok to do the same does not mean something did not happen.  The president's supporters know he is not perfect.  They may not care but they know.  Saying what you did it out in the open does not mean that it did not happen and the president did make the ask out in the open as well as behind closed doors.   I guess you could take the position that when he ask in the open that he lies so much that you can't believe him?  Even he takes the position that it is not wrong for him to do what he is doing and it was perfect.  He is not taking the position that Jim Jorden has been using to defend him.  If you like him even if he does that type of thing, that is a different situation.  Nobody can tell you what you have to like.   Facts are still facts though. 

I used to handle a lot of classified information. You cannot get near that material with extensive training.
If I had done .1% of what we know for sure Hillary did, 30 years ago, I would still be in the brig. They have no evidence of wrongdoing on Trump and tons of evidence against Hillary. She walks around untouchable and they constantly accuse him for what we know she did and it is perfectly ok with the DNC Media.  This country needs to hold corrupt politicians accountable or we as a country are in deep trouble.
Jim Altmiller


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