Wild Pigs?

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Michael Bush:
I imagine wild hogs are like bear.  How they taste depends on what they've been eating.  Both hogs and bear eat basically the same things... everything.  When they've been eating carrion the meat doesn't taste very good.  When they been eating "mast" (acorns, wild plants etc.) they are known to taste pretty good.  Everything wild has a little bit of "wild" to the taste I suppose.

 Trichinosis is generally found in garbage fed hogs. It was a common practice a hundred years ago but is rarely done now. To me, a feral hog is essentially a free range hog without an owner.
 I've eaten many. The really big ones are generally older and make poor choice for hams, chops etc, but can make really good sausage especially if mixed with ground venison. The smaller ones, under 150 lbs are delicious tender meat but the the chops are really tiny. Some years, with a good acorn mast they will get really fat and tender.
 I avoid eating boars over 120 lbs or so as boar meat has an offensive taste and smell to me. Many folks make really hot and spicy sausage with them and I've heard its quite good.
 Some local hunters started releasing hogs on federal land here about 20 years ago or so and they have become a serious problem now. I'd like to see them all gone.  :smile:

The hogs or the federal lands?  Ideally, I'd like to see a lot of the federal lands gone, along with the hogs.


--- Quote from: Dallasbeek on November 13, 2019, 01:15:02 pm ---The hogs or the federal lands?  Ideally, I'd like to see a lot of the federal lands gone, along with the hogs.

--- End quote ---

Well, in our case, the U.S. owns about 2/3s of the property in this county. If the hogs would be considerate and stay on forest and park land- no worries- but they go where they will and can tear up just about anything.

my whole life i been told always cook pork well done, when i learned to home brew beer a bit of wisdom i was given early on was that  no human pathogen can survive past 180 deg F hence any meat cooked well done should be safe, wild game cook it over 180 deg no more problem, there are ways to do this without drying it out or making it tough but i assume most people can find out how to do that themselves if they care enough


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