Wild Pigs?

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Ben Framed:
I have really enjoyed reading of your deer hunting topic. Which brings a question to you hunters. My question concerns wild hogs. I hear that they carry several different types of parasites as well as diseases. As a boy we would cure our own farm raised Hams and bacon. Mum! My question, do you, or can you sugar cure wild hog meat safely? Will the diseases still be present in the cured meat or is the meat ok after the curing process. I feel certain that back in the day, the old timers surely did the same with their free ranging hogs?

Trichinosis is the worse thing I know that could be gotten from wild pig meat. Proper curing and/or cooking will prevent that. My assumption is the meat would be fine. My experience is, I never got sick from it.

We have a serious wild hog problem here in Georgia. We stopped doing it less than a year ago but we used to make a little side money by trapping them and taking dogs to south Georgia helping out the farmers. I hear people all the time say how your not supposed to eat wild hogs or you have to do this, have to do that........we've eaten more feral pork than I care to count and I'm just fine. So is everyone else that I've given a freezer full to. My opinion is it's like any other meat, wild or domestic, take care in the handling of it and you'll be just fine. I've quartered some up in a south Georgia swamp at 100+ degrees with the humidity high enough to water the garden and even those turned out fine. I'm pretty quick about it though   :wink:

I have eaten many wild hogs, never had a issues never had a taint issues.

I hope wild hogs never make it my way.  Feral animals destructive to nature, I don't like it one bit. 
Bald Eagles and bobcat are in my area, nice those predators are doing well.


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