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Is it just me or are others disturbed when 'artist' butcher the US National Anthem by singing it other then the way our country adopted it? -Mike

Michael Bush:
Well... our country was kind of slow adopting it.  Ben Franklin wanted to have "Yankee Doodle" for our National Anthem.  But then he thought we should have the wild turkey as our national bird and the long bow as our national weapon...  actually not bad choices... when you consider the speed of the single shot rifles of the time and an American Indian could have six arrows in the air at the same time...

We didn't adopt the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem until 1916 (and not officially until 1931), even though it was written in 1814.  The music, of course, was British (To Anacreon in Heaven).  Up until 1916 we used "Hail, Columbia" and "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", which of course we also stole from the British (God Save the Queen).

I love to hear creative version of the Star Spangled Banner.  Here is one of my favorites:

Michael Bush:
Nobody liked Chris's version?  I think it's head and shoulders above Hendrix's version...

and why should we almost to the entertainer.
By my observation if they are not leftist or promoting leftist liberal addenda they will not be hired, by the entertaining industry, (hollywood) radio television, or movies.

I for one am very critical of what I see hear and watch.
the stars today are not stars they are entertainers and that is all except for the propaganda

Richard M:
Star Spangled Banner is great. I love it.

Australian National Anthem (Advance Australia Fair) is really bad and if you want to hear an anthem being butchered, try watching AFL Grand Final Day - shocking. And I don't know anyone here that knows the words past the first three lines.

Personally, I'd have preferred Waltzing Matilda as it sounds great on the bagpipes.


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