Overview - here we debate or dicuss the laws of our Repupublic.

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Which" RIGHT...  do you HOLD DEAREST. of all your RIGHTS  ?

Buzzbee and I spoke about having a forum for members: the forum is about the Rules of Our Land (sorry, but this is about American Laws and may Discuss Current events concerning the Laws of Our Land - BUT OF COURSE ALL MEMBERS from anywhere can join in on lively debate.

Here, you can debate the Amendments and Rights and the structure of our Republic. I'll start a debate, although I know it has been discussed before, it is always on the mind of the taxpayer. See you in the next post.

Michael Bush:
I think the rights in the bill of rights are all dependent on one another.  Without free speech, without the right to keep and bear arms, without the right to believe what we want, without the right to our own privacy etc. you would have no way to defend other rights or change things.  In the end, of course, violence is the ultimate arbitrator so there would be no way to maintain a free people without them having the power to overthrow an unjust government.

I agree.  you can't divorce them.  not only for the reasons Michael points out, but because if one is more important than another, would we protect the less important ones?  and if we don't, doesn't it make it easier to let the next one go?

this is why I reject the "living document" argument about the constitution.  once it becomes a flexible instrument, it becomes useless as protection from the government.  not to say that it can't be changed when it needs to be, but that, as the founders designed it, it should be very difficult to change. 

Richard M:

--- Quote from: Michael Bush on December 27, 2014, 08:56:10 pm ---  In the end, of course, violence is the ultimate arbitrator so there would be no way to maintain a free people without them having the power to overthrow an unjust government.

--- End quote ---

That's nothing new - People with the most guns overthrowing governments they didn't like has been the way of life in South America, Africa and the Middle East for a long time now.

I think from all the reading I have done on WW2 era weapons - that the US and Russian are still still playing a deadly game of chess as in the cold was. In small battles, so old they aren't news worthy and many head-line news clips show militia using AK47, SMS, Mosin m38-44 gens, SVT40 and a lot of weapons now 70 to a hundred years in design. All the time I see ISIS with older weapons seems as many German and CCCP stuff - but by far the AK's are hung in tribal wars, on freedom fighters or rebals trying to effect government.

I know I can say I want everyone to have anyweapon you want as a citizen - but not GPS Guiden rocket launches made to fly 4000mph and hit a target 1000 miles away - I don't think "no matter how wealthy you are: save the big stuff for the military: who would always side on the citizenship in a time where they are told to go in and whipe out some looters, etc.. I sure hope.

My real point is, I can see how anti-gunners see a 4 day standoff with the police situations. Why (they will ask) does anyone have enough weapons and ammo to face off with the police and it be a stalemate gun for gun.

I'm a law abider - I may fell very different on some issues. but I obey the Law, I don't see a day when I'm fighting it out with a tank donated to a population of 8000 - I don't see a tank ready to ram my house into a pile. There are some people who paranoid, not just prepared for what the real world will present itself. Or should I say, if ANY KIND of SHTF occurs, I want to be on the police's side - which I hope are always there to protect and preserve.

Some of you think I'm imagining A shining city on a Hill. We'll never have peace in our own land, with the Faracan's the Sharptons,  the Jessee Jackson and the Obamas - all race haters. There are some angry people out there mad cause after 6 years Obama still has White People in this country - take a look at inner-cities and see the stupidity of having only one black cop on your police force. There are war-zone in many of our cities - if not all our cities. Gangs and drug-dealers that never get caught, and if they are - it only takes another hater to take his place.

This country will never settle race issues as long as THE PRESIDENT comes on TV and announces we still have a lot of racial strife in our Country - and to have a President say in so many words "The black man will have to try twice as hard to get the same job as a white man." This is treasonous - he NOW speaks for all American with no rebuttal - Lord.


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