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Good comments from all you guys..
Well i have no more experience about that, But me use
Little bit good for me..

Old thread.

I've been using HostGator for the last 5 years and pumping-out 13GB a month across many sites with no issues. They've been very responsive to my questions and resolve issues very quickly (now they let me set my own DNS records and I don't bother them)



--- Quote from: ZuniBee on May 20, 2007, 04:18:43 pm ---I have my own hosting business and have been doing it since 1995. Send me a PM if you are inerested and I'll set you up with a great account at a great discount.

... Would anyone be interested in a deep discount hosting account? I could set up a discount for members of this site. We have all unix servers with cPanel control panel. We host many business accounts, commercial forums, and have very reliable servers. ....

--- End quote ---

Hi Jay, I may be interested in your hosting services. I have several domains but only a few active in terms of much activity on the sites. However, I do require MS FrontPage server extensions on a couple of my sites. Obviously your Unix boxes won't help, but just curious if you may have a (dare I say it) MicroSoft box with FP extensions? If not, I'm still interested in your hosting a couple of my domains that don't need the MS stuff.

George Janis:
There are so many companies but some are the reliable and affordable. Personally, I'm recommend to webifly .com...


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