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I maintain a number of website's for people and I have found that Siteground is the best one so far and very reasonable on price.



--- Quote from: Bee1 on May 19, 2007, 10:48:11 am ---What web hosting service do you like?

I desperately need to switch web hosts -  I currently host one small site with vizaweb and they have been a nightmare for about a year.    Suggestions for an affordable, reliable, web hosting company, with prompt phone and/or email support greatly appreciated. 
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Professionally, I own an administrative solutions company for real estate brokers, and we get asked this question all the time by agents who want to set up their web sites.  (We also manage all of our own IT, and over 15 years I've used a variety of hosts.)

If your needs are basic (simple site, blog, even e-commerce, etc.) then I'd recommend GoDaddy.  You can buy a cheap hosting plan from them for around $4/mo, and they usually run a promotion where you can get your domain for $1.99/year assuming you don't already have one.  If you do, they're also a good, cheap place to renew your domains through--less than $10/year.  There's coupon codes galore for discounts and promos all the time, too. 

Avoid Network Solutions and for domains--their service is terrible and they are expensive.  They are also constantly embroiled in lawsuits and ethics complaints.

If your hosting needs are more extensive, you can try a premium host like Rackspace or 1&1.  Both of these hosts advertise regularly in a variety of IT-related magazines (Wired, PC Mag, etc.) and have good reputations.

I would avoid HostRocket and HostWay.  We dropped HostWay a long time ago because of their abysmal customer service.  HostRocket has decent service, but their uptime has been TERRIBLE for the last 18 months, and tends to go out during peak hours.  Once our contract is up with them for one of our dedicated servers, we're dropping them like a hot potato.

There's also a newer company out there called HostGator that has gotten rave reviews over the last 2 years or so.  They might be worth a look.

I host all mine at home.... on the DSL line. Embarq actually encourages it. I've got both a residential account and business account with static ips.


John Lee Pettimore:

I've used them for several years. Support is outstanding!


--- Quote from: Bee1 on May 19, 2007, 10:48:11 am ---What web hosting service do you like?

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 Hey Bee1. I highly recommend FatCow.Com

  Why? $54 a year, unlimited domains, no space limits etc. Hard to believe but it's true. I have 68 domains. I don't think that anyone else would allow you to have 68 domains all with email for a total of $54!  Their control panel is great and the few times I phoned for tech support, they were able to help me in a snap.


P.S. I use to host at home (my previous msg) but I couldn't justify the electric and heat from the computers anymore.


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